The Ecology of New Eden - CCP Twitch Stream

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I was listening to the CCP stream about the Economy and for me a few things come to mind.

Market Distribution
Currently where is really only one major market in EVE - Jita 4-4. The majority of Eve’s trade flows in and out of that one location. As you pointed out this is a good thing / bad thing. Assuming this ever does rise to a level that CCP decides it needs to something about it, there really as far as I can see is only one solution which is the creation of a global Eve market. I’m sure this is not a new idea even for CCP. A series of market hubs linked together across the 4 Empires. Obviously this would have a major impact on the economy, the cost of goods, and contract haulers income stream depending on how it was implemented. Plus it opens a series of questions/problems that would need to be answered by CCP. I would think you’d not want to have one in every region but would want to limit the number of these Global Market Hubs to perhaps one per Empire.

SOV, iHubs, and other related stuff
This really isn’t a new idea I’m going to purpose. Everyone agrees the current system is cancer and doesn’t encourage conflict. This my spin on it and truthfully isn’t a new idea. Most people will agree true ownership of the system is determined by the citadels. Allow for the manufacture of a special type of Fraction/iHub citadel. Null Sov would be determined by said Fraction/iHub citadel being anchored in a system and you could only have one per system anchored. Destruction of the Fraction/iHub citadel would mean no one had SOV. All the current iHub upgrades and future system related upgrades would be installed in this Fraction/iHub citadel. Needless to say transfer the Fraction/iHub citadel to another entity and you transfer the SOV. If you un-anchor the structure and you have X days to anchor another before the SOV is voided. During the X days time if another entity anchors a Fraction/iHub citadel and completes the anchoring before you well you loose SOV. CCP can refine this process and leave plenty of room for conflict.

Additionally, the Fraction/iHub citadel with the iHub upgrades could to some very limited and yet to be determined scale work in LowSec just you can’t claim SOV. That make LowSec a more viable place.

This is not really related to the CCP Twitch Stream but it is market/economy related… Develop a tool and make it available to the Eve community that allows people to create all types of Skins. CCP can periodically run a contest which Skin(s) design are the best. The winners get a free version of the skin(s) and some Plex. CCP can then sell the Skin(s) on the market at a CHEAP affordable mass market price (5-10 Plex all day everyday). Its a Win-Win for CCP and the Eve community.

I intend this to be a open discussion to add, discuss, provide feedback to my ideas and the stream.

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