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I recently moved into a wormhole where I do mainly PVE, some PI, Exploration, Ratting, that kind of thing as well as a bit of industry. The WH I am in has a high sec static and so I figured that I would try to sell my wares in the region that my current static is in but I am not sure how to find the main market system of that region and wondered if anyone could help?

I know all the main places liek Jita, Amarr, Rens, Hek and Dodixie (although Jita is generally too cheap to sell for a profit), but what if the region I am connected too doesnt have one of those hubs in, how am I am to find the main market place? I tried looking at jumps over 24hr on Dotlan and looking for the most jumps but I am not sure that that is the best way og going about it?

Any advise would be appreciated.


Look for commonly used items on the market. RF EMP M/S/L, Scourge Fury Heavy Missiles, Warrior IIs, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M/L, Nanite Repair Paste, Cap Booster 800s, etc.



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Selling stuff anywhere else than the main hubs takes ages and is not worth considering.


@Tipa_Riot - i did wonder this, but then Ive made things before and the price has moved in between making them and getting them to market and they have not been profitable to sell, I try to sit on them but it can take months for the proce to turn around.

@Rivr_Luzade - good point well made. thank you :slight_smile:

@safira_jomita - I did look at that but wasnt sure how to utilise it to find the main hub of any given region.

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You will not find the main hub directly, but will find buy and sell orders from the location you are, without the region limitarions

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I used to live in your exact same situation. What I did was dump off my loot in the closest station, (preferably a station right outside my N110 HS static exit.) and then set up a courier contract for Jita 4-4. I would round up the collateral to the next highest 50m ISK and a reward that was 2% of that.

So for every 50,000,000 ISK collateral, 1,000,000 reward. Don’t let any professional courier tell you it won’t get done. They will work for peanuts and fill your inbox with content! You’ll get angry couriers scoffing at your rewards, to roleplaying rookies eager for more work :smile:

Get to Jita when you can. The loot will be there.

Your only risk is the infamously Eve thing, like forgetting a 0 on your collateral. Do be darn sure before you finalize it. The courier takes all the risk in actually getting it to Jita. Even better if he dies because you don’t have to go to Jita now. :sweat_smile:

It will help you to keep your packages below like 24k m^3, so if you have a big PI day, best to break it down into 6 contracts instead of one big one.

Jita was the best place to deal bar none. The margins between buy and sell orders were mostly under 10% or less so if you’re like me and would rather just dump stuff, it’s easy to do. :relaxed:

Good luck :purple_heart:


Just do the extra jumps and bring you stuff to proper hubs but if you insist usually these small hubs are where you can see buy and sell orders for lots of item types . Here’s some examples:Arnola, Stacmon, Agil,

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Thanks all for your replies, some food for thought there, thanks again.

I check jumps per hour and players docked via the map and then check those systems for high volume of orders.

That said, honestly you’re not on the buying and selling angle, you’re on the supply angle. So just by cutting out a middle man you’re upping your profits. I’d suggest simply dumping your goods in HS systems where your static spits you out and then just PUSHX it to jita to sell. Another option could be to avoid paying the hauling cost of say 50M each load and find a buyer that would be happy to take them off of you and handle the hauling themselves. Provided it doesn’t eat your profits too much it’d be a lot less hassle for you. Another option is you can just role your static till you get good connections, I find I get connections to Amarr and Rens a lot more than I do to Jita, but you’ll get them all from time to time just a matter of rolling enough for it.

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By default it lists the busiest market hubs by performed trade volume. Can be filtered to show only a specific region.

However this “Trade (A4E) min value” is not supplied by CCP and created by A4E manually comparing order books every 10 minutes, thus due to performance reasons only recorded for the top trade hubs. Thus for border regions a different metric like “Player sell volume” might be better to show all stations, not only the top ones.

Top trade hubs in Essence region by total sell order ISK value offered (link)

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@Ethan02 thanks for this, ill check it out

@Lulu_Lunette when you set up these contracts did you advertise them anywhere or just ket them sit on public contracts, also what kind of timescales did you put the contracts up for?

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They can sit on public, I would set them to last as long as possible, (pretty sure it’s like 4 weeks now) and once accepted, 24h for the courier to complete it. Couriers can filter contracts by size and collateral pretty easily so they are not hard to find. I have many examples if you can look up my history.

There is a channel called ‘Haulers Channel’ - it’s definitely worth loitering in. You can link your contracts there.

I forgot to mention too that you should wait till after your static changes to set couriers. :slight_smile: Don’t want any recognizable patterns

@Lulu_Lunette good point well made about statics changing, I would not have thought of that, thanks again.

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I have found the best Items in terms of volume, value, and demand and my corp is interested in buying these Items. With me you will have a constant buyer. No more waiting to sell your items. I have the best ones around.

Can you send in-game message with items you buying and where?

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