Generic "How do I make ISK" Thread!

Hi, Market Discussions!

I was wondering if some of you old timers could take some time out of your busy days and help a brother get 'is grind on.

You see, I’ve got my eyes set on injecting into a dread sometime soon, but I can’t really do that if i’m poor. I’m going to save you the monologue and dive into the questions.

I’ve started ordering t1 ships from indy corps at below Jita prices to improve my margins. Is this sort of tactic even worth it? I feel like I would have to order and sell a large amount of ships and modules to really make bank doing this. Are there any more efficient ways to do this? Any corps out there with good prices?

People have told me: “Look for trends in the market to make profit” and etc. but I have no clue where to start. When I look at the graphs and etc. nothing seems to make sense, and every little venture I’ve tried seems to have failed and wasted my isk. How do you predict the flow of the market?

Every time I’ve tried doing business in smaller hubs in order to charge higher prices 1 of 2 things have happened: I’ve either been dominated by other sellers doing the same, or people simply didn’t buy my stuff at all. What have I been doing wrong?

What should I do to build my credibility and attract investors? I’ve asked for loans in the past (likely for the wrong reasons, I’m sure.), but I got few interested replies.

Thank you for your time!
Let the roast session begin.

Eve is a commodity market and commodity markets are cyclical. If you use the price history tab in the industry tool you can see the cycle for products you are interested in and the volume. You can use filters to see the entire region or narrow your view down to a single station.

You want to list in the top half of the cycle and don’t chase the price down into the bottom half - let the market come to you in the next cycle - this requires patience!

Trading generally means small margins on large volumes. Some people enjoy that, I prefer to participate in more links of the value chain and make large margins on smaller volumes. Both work but you’ll need more working capital as a trader.

For example, I build and sell a lot of T2 drones but I also make the PI required - which currently represents 60% of the build cost. So my profit margin on the sale of each drone is in the 70% range and I’m tying up very little capital.

It is hard to answer you in a thread on this topic. Eve is a massive game with massively vast ways to make isk. Issue is if you want to go down a path to making isk you’ll need the skills, like mining, market skills or combat skills for ratting etc. than if you find that route isn’t for you then you spent a lot of time on the wrong thing and now are starting over. Anyone that tells you there’s one best way to make isk is a liar.

There is a plethora of ways to make isk depending on your risk tolerance and time available to play.

I honestly at first wanted to be a typical forum guy and roast you with a smart ass response but honestly if you’d like to go thru a ton of ways to make isk from manufacturing to market play etc hit me up in game and I’ll get you in our discord and go over some stuff with you to get you on track. We’ve done everything from making and selling supercaps to small chains data mining (selling information not actual data mining) so we can give you some decent info to get you started at least.

I’m not a newbro :joy:
I just want tips on improving my side-hustle.

I have a quick bar with items I watch and if one passes my personal threshold I’m chiming in selling from adhoc production. How many steps I include depends on effort and profit contribution.

I make most of my ISK on anticipating future changes in supply and demand in markets I know like the back of my hand.

Buy stuff that is off-meta, sell it when the metagame changes and people want it again.

Well I mean if your not new then honestly research the market trends and find your niche. I have way less empathy for veterans that need to make isk as after a while in game you should be picking these things up from your corp mates and friends besides research. If your not getting info from corp mates… get a new corp.


The minerals I mine are free

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Gets em every time.

Opportunity cost is irrelevant to margin calculation - that is simply selling price minus cost of goods sold. If you do the opportunity cost calculation you’ll find that the rational choice is to build the PI into a drone. Your net profit is far greater than simply selling the PI.

You forget, that you can make a greater profit with doing other PI than you need for your drones and buy the PI for your drones. The rational choice is to evaluate every independent step in the chain, and optimize for profit.

However there is a certain value in “compression” and reducing of transport, making it worth to give up some profit. At totally subjective factor.

My nullsec PI farm currently is independent from my other productions and stops at P2, which gives me the best profit / effort ratio. Also I would never be able to produce the P4 volumes from scratch I need for my production without a horde of alts.

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