New market trader here

So my gameplay over last year or so has evolved to basically running a PI supply-chain, market trading, occasional mining, and events. I have been doing well. I have reached the point I can wait for really good omega deals and get 3-6 months at a time on 6 accounts, along with most pilots on MTCs. I’m close to turning 3 accounts into SP farms and have a nice stash of SE I got last major sale for cheap. I’m about to start trading plex in small amounts, and I already do lots of normal market trading. Not sure what to go next or is this the grind? I haven’t looked into stations, station modules or capital ship markets. I do feel I should be making more isk for the number of traders I have. I do update when they buy something and about 2-3 times per week though maybe that is considered slow.

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How is your standings with the station you are trading from?

What about your skills for trading. Accounting, broker relations, advanced broker relations?

I have 8 that are Tycoon 5, same with the tax skills and marketing, range skills are 4 so I can sell, buy 15 jumps. I haven’t done anything to effect my station standing to get cheaper tax. I figured profits so high that .5% (I think it is) loss I can live with. A few more traders in training to help me sell.

Well the station standings affect the broker fees. And yes it along with faction when at max drops your fees another 5% total. You asked what was next to grind and to make more isk, thats why i asked

Just to give you an idea how much youd save,
Default number is 1 tril isk for 30 days

0 standings vs having standings
4 bil savings

I will have to look at what it takes, I dont want to lose standing with another empire in process. But still if we are talking a billion that would be 4million saved. I think it would add to about 500mil+ annual I would lose out on. Also a few of my trades are in player stations with lower tax. Currently I sell in Amarr, Rens, Dodixie and Jita. With a Hek expansion coming soon. Not sure if any other regions worth it.

Well i am apart of USIA. we raise standings, with no consequence to you.

So any job we do for you, we cannot share negative standings. Only positive.


Is that where I join a fleet and can even be in a station in the same system? I think a a few corpmate did that when they had bad Amarr standings.

Yea you can be anywhere in game while we work

ok well post or pm rates. I have 6 accounts and nearly all have 2 lvl 5 tycoons or soon to be

Join our discord to discuss pricing.

Yeah sorry I had to bail, I didn’t want to deal with giving the access you wanted to give me quotes.

Im sorry you feel that way. The same thing we ask for is the skillboard we created that ccp has authorized for selling characters as well

We need access to the skillboard not just for quotes but we also use it to track our progress without having to ask you to log in and out to see your standings. USIA has been running as a service for over 12 years. Sorry we couldnt gain you as a client

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