Playing the market question

I’m returning after a while gone.

My story is easy, on and off Null player, I no longer have time for null as it seems RL takes over. In the mean time I have grown an interest in playing the markets. I want to buy and sell goods and do well at it. So I am looking for any and all tools I could use. I am willing to spreadsheet but since I have been going with out a community I am at a loss as to how this game even plays anymore. Any and all help is much appreciated.

Thank you guys

You’re asking your market competition to give you their profit-making secrets, for free, so that you can redirect some of their profit to yourself. As you can see, you haven’t had many replies thus far.

You may want to ask the same question in the Market forum, though I’m not sure if you’ll get better results.

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Just follow the basic rules:

  1. Buy low, Sell high. - The bigger the difference the better profit you will get in return.
  2. Choose what sort of trading you want to do; Station, Region or between multiple regions.
  3. if hauling is needed, decide if you want to take the risk yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.
  4. Spreadsheets can help you decide which items to buy/sell, or produce if you also do some manufacturing.

Having substantial ISK available helps a long way. If you’re new to Trading then I would suggest you start with your focus on Ammunition and/or other “Charges”.

My experience: Quafe, spiced wine and that kind is an easy way to make some millions in a T1 Industrial and is completely NPC controlled, just for a start. And entering lowsec with that hauler gives you some additional thrills :slight_smile:

Generally I find I get more detailed guidance googling things like “Eve Station Trading” and “Eve Online Market Trading for ISK”. Some tips have to be updated for Alpha/Omega status but most of them are still useful.

go flip on runescape for a year or so and you’ll be set.

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