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Hey all,

So I recently finished Broker Relations 5 and Account Management 5 on my alt and am working on getting into station trading. I have about 800m to start with. I just have a couple of questions:

  • Is 800M starting capital enough to go straight to Jita?
  • Should I invest a lot into active/fast trades or spread out my capital throughout 20+ items.
  • Is Evernus still the go to trade application?

This is tough because I know no one wants to give out their secrets. I can respect and understand than. If you’re willing to help me out but don’t feel comfortable posting in this thread feel free to message me in-game.

Hope to learn a bit!

Thank you!

convo me in game

It all depends on your play style.

Jita style.
If you like faster action and want to play it like a mission while you’re online, then jump to Jita and find four dozen items that sell fast and keep checking that you’re on the top of buy and sell orders. From my experience and play style, this was very boring/annoying and the bots are a bit too much for me to deal with. For many items, you’ll be on the prime spot for just a minute or two, or never depending on the items.

DoDixie style.
Using a secondary trade hub is a more relaxed play style, where you’ll end up on the top for a decent amount of time, since the bots really aren’t that big a deal there. You can do other things in game and update every half hour or so, with maybe getting 15 minutes in prime or even days sometimes.

I am in the same boat, I run around Dodixie and try to play the market there. I have Tycoon IV so I got 273 market orders available (can get max 305 in a week’s time) but have a low isk to play with so I might use 45-50 market orders maximum at any one time. I also know that most people won’t give secrets but any tips would be helpful.

I joined my corporation cause the CEO was a marketing guru and was supposed to show me the way but he decided to leave the game and give everything to his friend to run the corporation and he doesn’t know how to work the market. I am trying to find a market sensei for me to learn from.

Any ideas?

Buy low, sell higher. Patch notes are a big help once you can understand how they will impact the game.

One of the recent examples were the moon changes. Buying into the correct materials, even later down the line has netted some players billions of isk.

Researching what people fly in a particular area, even taking a cloaky into low-sec FW hubs and putting items on the market can yield good profits if you know what’s being used. (You could even make an FW alt for the purpose of AFK plexing/gaining info on the latest doctrines and what people are using)

Examine which playstyle you like. If you take me, I enjoy a little bit faster trading, but I want some space to take five often because station trading is rather boring. So for me, Amarr is excellent. It’s not so slow, and it’s not so fast, and local isn’t completely filled (yet) with scams. You can actually see people have conversations between the scam offers.

I usually advice against going to Jita unless you know that station trading is what you want to do in Eve and think that is fun. It’s just too hectic otherwise. You need to keep an eagle eye on your orders every second you’re trading.

Make room for some manufacturing skills aswell and take advantage of priced to sell bpc’s in the hubs. With some quick research you’ll find easy in-station flips.

800M no es mucho. Es muy poco.

Consejo: compra basura. Refina la basura y despues vende el mineral (a buen precio, ni muy alto pero ni muy bajo.


  • 800 million is way enough for jita. I startet trading in jita with 10 million

  • diversification of your isk into at least some items is a good idea, because if something does not go your way you have other ‘investments’ that might be still working out. E. G. If you are fully invested in one item and the demand goes suddenly down just after you filled your buy order you will sit a while on your stock or lose isk because you need to sell really low.

  • where you trade depends highly on your available time (the more time you have the bigger the tradehub) and what type of trading you want to do

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