Advice with Buy / Sell orders

Hi Trade and industry people,

Recently returned player here who who wants to try their hand at trading and am hoping to get some advice.

At the moment I’m trying to do station trading between Jita and Perimeter and have set up several buy orders and a few sell orders.
Do most of you trade vets micro manage orders and constantly modify them a few times a day to stay on top, or is it better to leave the order and let it sit a while.
I find I have to constantly micro manage larger orders of cheap goods and I’m not sure if I should just let it sit there.

Also do you wait until your buy orders for a particular item are filled before you sell it or do you sell in batches as the orders slowly fill.

Thank you all in advance

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You’ll eat millions in modifications fees, don’t do this.

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What period of time do you suggest I wait before modifying an order?
Or do I just watch it see if the item had not moved at all or I’ve been outbid but server always people?

It really depends on what you’re looking for.
Setting and forgetting it is the best way. Look at the 90%-95% sell/buy prices, toss up your order, and maybe check on it 2 months from now. If you want to sell it NOW, then price it accordingly so it sells faster and is less likely to be undercut.

Ok thanks for that.
Guess I need to practice some restraint and look for the long term gains.

I’m no Vet but I have been having success selling items as they come in through my buy orders. Especially if the items are quick sales such as some ship modules.

Also, if you find yourself having a constant bid war on your buy/sell orders, it’s because you are in Jita, a much too highly contested trade hub. Find a good niche for yourself elsewhere, where there is more room for a trader with less ISK. You could even buy for low prices in Jita, where competition drives prices down, and then transport that stock to a smaller trade hub with no or low stock in that item(s) and sell for a higher price.

I advise making sure there is a market for it before doing so, which means research, calculating and transportation. Make sure you invest what you can afford to lose and stay in the trading game. God bless, and fly safe.

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Thanks for advice.
Trading between hubs is something I will actually try out when free time allows.

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