Advanced trading strategies

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I’m way into the economy, and want to spur it’s development. I want to remind you that “station trading” or trading the margin between buy and sell orders isn’t the only way to trade. Some people “manipulate” the market by buying levels of stock, or by cancelling bids, but this is gamey and not an “economic” way of trading.

Remember that importing in-demand goods is a key way to trade to make isk. Goods can be bought in amarr for much less than in Jita, where demand has raised prices. My company actually pays members to aquire materials in hubs, if anybody wants to become a trader.

Secondly, when reading the charts, it is helpful to look at how many times a high was reached. Remember that volume is also key to successful trading and business sales, and volume drives demand, and demand is key to price rises. You can successfully time your trades to sell at the high price by simply setting your sell order and waiting, and can double or even triple profits. I have done demand profiles on all the key industrial items, and these items are shared among the corp.

I’m looking for traders, materials producers, and corps who can supply me with materials, and also hope that this post will help your trading.

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Message me in game for what your looking for or what you need. I’m sure We can work something out.

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Wow this is really advanced.


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Does it make you feel better to criticize and make fun of post that you see on here? I see you doing this quite often and for no other reason then to pick a fight. Please grow up.

I’m very good at making myself feel better, thank you.

It’s always valid to criticize someone. If you can’t take criticism, you shouldn’t be posting on a public forums. Everything and anything should be open to criticism.

He made three threads with, as far as I can tell, the same intention. If I see something that I disagree with, it’s well within my right to say something, as is your right to respond. Infact, I welcome it. That’s how discussions are started.

And yes, this is a public forums, where discussions are held.

I’m not the one who is getting upset about a joke or being unable to watch someone be criticized.

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The troll above is typical. Semi warranted though. Just put out the point, we know you’re after something. I mean you are posting in this part of the forums. People always want something. Either way, good effort. Everything you said isn’t really new, and fairly common knowledge for most.

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