Starting in Trading

Hello there. I’ve been out of the game for a while (newborn), trained on Trading Skills but never got into it.

4.6m in Trading Skills // Standings is 3.18 for Caldari State.

I do not really understand graphs clearly to be honest, but tried my best.
Probably my best strat at this point will be to set-up buy orders from a citadel within 1 jump away from major trade hubs. Pray that gets filled up and move my stuff to let’s say Amarr or any other trade hub. Is that a common strat for beginners?

Sadly i gave all my isk before i left the game around 2 years ago…but 300m that i got for spare.

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It’s not a bad idea to move stuff between regions like that. Look at more than just the big hubs like Amarr and whatnot. If you’re willing to be patient, you can get better margins at secondary spots.

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Thx…i’ll probably look into Mission Hubs/Invasion Spots (not sure if the last one still a thing nowadays).

What about research? Do traders all these manually? or some kind of app/sheets retrieving info from API?

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Yeah, selling essential stuff in mission hubs can be good. Especially places that aren’t gigantic.

There’s some websites that pull api data or I think they do. Stuff like Eve Market Data and Eve Marketer. I’ve found that they can sometimes be right, sometimes be wrong. I usually either travel to the region, ask a friend who’s already there, or use an alt to check prices. I don’t know of any apps or sheets that would be really reliable to easily check prices between regions though.

Also, you might considering doing some building. It won’t make big money quick, but constant sales do add up.

Also, look around at different regions besides the big ones like Caldari space, Domain, Metropolis, etc. You can find opportunities in places most people think of as backwaters.


I would love to get into industry (I got the skills trained up to T3) unfortunately I don’t have the capital to make it work properly.

So, instead of looking for the easy route to finance myself with Plex (buying in the Eden store), I prefer to learn a bit before diving into it.

Don’t think can’t do too much with 200 / 300m in liquid isk.

You can start small with some cheaper bpos. Maybe a couple of trypes of frigates and their commonly used mods. Research them up a little, which shouldn’t take too long, then sell that stuff. You use can use buy orders to get materials. It’s not going to make you rich overnight, but you can get an income stream going.

Oh, about reading graphs in your first post. You can change the graph to a table by by hitting show table in the lower left under the graph. I hate the graph myself, so the table is a lot better.

I’d like to recommend my tool, which is great once you found a couple items that you want to stock. It will notify you when those items run out, and you can resupply.

Good Morning sir! Welcome back to the game!
I can help you get started, basic API, and personalize sheets, send an in-game mail and we can set up a chat.


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Yes, that’s the way most traders do it now.

IMO trading is easier to make money from than industry.

I am working on my own Python application … it will take me a while to finish it.
So I though to get going on spreadsheets for now, but i’m not too sure if is worth it to take the time to build or just use any public website. what do you think?

I gotta say there really are some real-World experiences in this market. I just saw a very clever move to corner a market for its scrap value. I know it was for scrap because I’ve been using it for a while. At first I thought it was a crazy move…then I really looked. If the guy has plenty of stock of his own then it’s not only very well-played but also something I’ll hope to emulate some time I spot a market in the same condition.

Eve Online. Never fails to surprise!

I dunno…that works to some degree, margins-wise…but since the rejig my tiny little corp has made more money from PVE missions, exploration loot and the odd gank than our Jita trader, even with the TT/Jita trade route.

There’s no doubt that that trade has been skewed - accidentally I think - towards the big 0.0 corps right now. I think a tweak on the retrade brokerage fee is necessary, although I like the end to the endless .01 crap personally.

I just hope CCP are watching closely - because all our pew pew stuff is hedged by our trading operations…even as tiny as we are.

What do you mean skewed towards the big 0.0 corps?

I don’t use spreadsheets personally.

I would also warn against expecting to make immediate and calculated flips of items. In the beginning you can, but on the items that I trade with, which all have a turnover of around 5 bn+ ISK daily, the daily margins are now too small to make a profit.

This does not concern me so much, as I have always been a cyclical trader, i.e. I buy based on an expected future sell price. In the new trade environment, you are rewarded if you wait for that price, and you tend to leave your orders standing after you have first created them.

Waiting can be a trap though, so there is also an “opportunity cost” principle applied. That means that after I bought an item, it doesn’t really matter what I paid for it. Its value is what I can get for it, and when I can get it. You must therefore sell when it is most opportune for your further plans. The future is more important that the profit on a single item.

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