Seeking help with Regional trading

I have been doing station trading for the past two months. Started with about 500mil and now have about 14bil in total worth. I have been looking into trying to get into regional trading because I do not have any experience in it and want to try my hand at something different with my newly found wealth.
I’m looking for any information on where to start? Do I set up my buy order at a trade hub and just set it to regional? What Websites should i use?

Any information would be great because for some reason, I cannot find much on this specific topic. Thanks

Well done!
I don’t think a lot of people do regional trading. Most do interregional trading if they don’t do station trading.

I think you will be surprised how easily you can get a lot of stuff quite cheaply by setting up regional orders. My experience in Forge was that I often got things at half price by only bidding over other orders that cover most of the region.

The downside is so much hauling! And be aware that if you go regional, you will get much of the stuff in low sec! To (mostly) avoid that, you can set your limit to 10 jumps.

But to try it, I advise looking over a huge list of items that you can potentially buy cheaply on regional (/10 jump) orders. Only bid over those orders that cover e.g. 3, 5 or 10 jumps themselves, and see what happens!

I often buy (item redacted but it’s a medium volume 150-300m class of items) on regionwide buy orders via lowballing.

When I get a hit, I then pay a public courier contractor to move it for me.

Yea I guess I did not even have my terminology right lol I meant thanks for that ha. And ok yea I was planing on just starting trading but didn’t know if people usually just took it back to main trade hub or find a mission hub or some other place to trade?

And yea all I need to do is find the right items and only haul them when they are over a certain amount or something.

Could you please explain redacted items to me? Sorry new to eve.

redacted means they didn’t want to share what the item is… When you see a document that is considered redacted, it means information was whited out or blacked out…

O I’m stupid… read it wrong lol. I was thinking it was a type of item like not made anymore or no longer can be found or something. Thanks fir clarifying

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