Im starting station trading


I have about 6billion isk sitting around, so I wanted to start station trading with it. RN I am waiting for the new keepstar to go up, then I will start trading.

Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or good items to make profit? I would love it if someone took me under their wing and teachedme how to trade.


Why would we tell you.

good point

I like your attitude.

So the secret to station trading, is the secret to real life trading. Buy low, sell high.

Pretty much thats it.

Otherwise, depending on how much ISK and risk youre prepared to plop down, go for mid-ranged items that are somewhat popular. You can check how much gets moved around in the price history tab. Going for the high-moving items gets you into bidding wars with a lot of other people and isnt worth it. Go for something you know is semi-popular and stable.

If youre into more risk, you can choose items that you think will go up and down, or show an upward trend and try your luck with those.


Alternate approach: Gank freighters, take loot, sell loot, profit. :wink:



I was looking at just trying to trade plex. You make very little profit, but the volume is so high that you make moneys.

This was my math:

So I did some number crunching with plex.

Buy: 3,075,106.01 ISK

Sell: 3,191,929.88 ISK

Plex fluctuates between 5% and 2% margin between buy and sell. It is impossible to make profit in Jita, but in perimeter, you get taxed 0.5% to 0.3%, so you can make profit off of plex. Currently, there is a 3.6% margin, and then subtract the tax, and that’s your profit. I rounded down to a clean 3% for losses and other fees.

With the 5 bil im willing to spend, I can buy 1625 plex. If you buy low sell high, you can make ~154,547,851 isk per buy/sell cycle.

If you add the buy and sell value you get 210664 plex being traded a day. Thats 653,058,400,000 worth of plex a day. That means I am only trading 0.7% of the daily trade volume.

Based off of trying with small amounts of plex, I can get my stuff bought and sold within 10 minutes. With the volume, right now there is ~154 plex being traded a minute. That means if I am always on top, that is a buy/sell cycle every 11 minutes. I will round to 15, because im slow. That is 4 buy/sell cycles a hour. If you keep trading that 5 bil worth of plex without buying more plex to trade, you make ~620 million isk a hour. If you keep trading, the amount you trade will keep on climbing along with the isk/hr you make.

What am I missing?

You’ll get outbid by bots less than a minute everytime


I wrote a thread on this a short while back. Hope it helps. Happy to answer questions.

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Your post is quite insightful. I too begun trading for now station trading recently and plan to expand to inter regional and yes jita/perimeter is a nightmare for high volume items.

So I did the same looking for good items and difference in prices to jita for some items,I began with just 1 bilion as I wanted a clear low start to see how well I’d do and in a week I’ve managed to reach 1.8bil.I’ve also found some really great items which work for me but since my liquid isk is not high enough I only cover a small amount of the volume I could take as my own.

This might help in finding good items to trade:

You have to follow coming events. Right now we are getting ready to crimson tide. Loot table will contain BPC for manufactoring skill accelerators. Those, who are close to CSM or other CCP elite sources, knows, what items will be needed to produce them. For 2 weeks those items were garbadge, that you get from exploration sites. But two weeks ago their price sky rocket and if you follow the market, you can make billions that way.

Hi Zander,

i think you are missing Sales tax (1%, fixed value) and Broker Fee: the former is a tax to be subtracted from your sell transaction, and the latter is the amount you pay when you buy an item. In my case it’s 2.09%.

With these numbers, i think that the original 3.06% profit that would be generated the buy and sell prices you are talking about are not giving you correct figures.

I am pretty sure, but i’d be happy if someone more expert than me could confirm or provide an argument.

Thanks !

Here is some free advice

Depending on product it takes a lot of invested playtime to stay on the top row of the market all the time. This may or may not appeal to you. Also be aware of bots that have all the time in the world to compete against you (and make sure to report them).

Finding the niche that works can make good profits. However you should not restrict yourself to a few products, you need to scan the entire market if you are serious. Where the profit is attracts more traders and eventually destroy the profitability, then its time to move you ISK elsewhere, and you need to always be aware where to go to maximize your return, therefore total market awareness and research is critical to be really successful. Each products price will run in cycles, make sure your ISK is where the good returns are.

Personally I combine trading and industry. I find it easier and more passive to generate good profits by including industry in my cash flow, but it is limited by the industry slots/ number of alts you have available. At a time where you have more ISK than you can commit into industry slots you just commit them to margin trading the buy/sell of healthy profitable products.

The trading mantra is usually buy low sell high.
This is totally wrong and you should be aiming to buy high and sell low : the opposite of the usual mantra.
To obtain inventory your buy order has to be top of the pile. Your ingame activity will be aimed at keeping your buy orders at the top of the pile : i.e. the highest priced : hence buy high.
Once you have obtained your inventory you have to create sell orders that are the cheapest on the market : i.e. sell low.
Your ingame activity will be aimed at ensuring your sell orders are the cheapest.
Obviously thera are lots of circumstances where my advice doesn’t hold true. But generally it’s the correct way to approach trading.

Trading is pvp and the winner will usually be the one with lowest costs.
Train trading skills to level V and run missions to maximise your faction level.
I hope this helps

This night there was an order up for about 1.6 T on a given item. It has been filled for 900 B in just one night. There’s literally money everywhere in Eve. Just to make OP dreams even bigger :smiley:

Don’t limit yourself by taking what other people say at face value. Take risks, do as many different things as you can. Try to understand why some things work or fail. After doing this for a long time you’ll hopefully get some understanding of the market.

EDIT: Oh silly me, I forgot I did a video on the topic:


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