Station trading

The thing where you buy low sell high, kind of like the stock market.

Isk per hour is bad, really bad.

Why do it tho?

I’m no station trader so I may miss some reasons, but here are a few basic reasons you may be making not a lot of ISK:

  • taxes - make sure you have the standings and skills for minimum taxes if you want to do that. While for a regular buyer/seller taxes are aminor thing, your profit comes from the small difference between sell and buy price, minus taxes, which means reducing those taxes can make a large impact on your profits
  • scale - with more market slots and more alts you can make more trades and therefore ISK while you play
  • location - some stations like Jita will offer larger volumes but also much more competition. My guess is that while trading at large scale is a good idea there, you also need to spend more time updating your orders than elsewhere
  • type of goods - Find something that works for you on that market, if one item doesn’t, try something else? You may have competition that also wants to profit with those items

Reduce your taxes, increase your scale and find a location and types of goods that work for you!

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Milking 1% of 100 millions isk per day is bad, milking 1% of 100 billions isk per day is not quite so bad.


I’m not a trader, I’m just new and really cheap. Like Minmatar-cheap.

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I’m trading with less than 10 mil per day and make 2-3 mil per day.

That’s a decent start, you need start thinking about ways to get the same return with less work, time works for you and the real money is in capsuleers wallet.

2 tips, use these:

and listen to this dude:

I started trading buying drones and faction ammo in Jita and selling those in Rens. There are lots of ways doing trading


How to station trade?

  • Buy station cheap
  • Sell station expensive
  • Profit


You could also sell NPC stations to suitable individuals… along with the Brooklyn Bridge. :wink:

Uh, didn’t see that scam in Local yet :smiley:

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