HS Market monopoly?

CCP: Your system basically says “whatever alliance has max people gets ALL the market broker fees, and screw everyone else in the game!” which I seriously doubt your designers intended when they created this system. Please fix, thanks.

Please adjust Upwell market mechanics such that it’s possible for people to trade with each other without being forced to install new markets every week. We don’t wish to pay a 0.3% tithe on all trades to PH and in your current lackluster design you’re forcing us to install new markets every week using many different corps so PH can’t wardec them all. It’s really dumb.

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You could just set your brokerfees to 0.5% and HORDE would not attack you as you would not take away trade from them.

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Really its your choice to use the markets that pay Horde, you could just use the NPC markets and be guaranteed that none of your isk goes to them.


I don’t think CCP has a problem with that. Whatever benefits the big groups is good for their bottom line. Remember that they explicitly changed the mechanics to make citadels more vulnerable, and removed useful defense options from highsec, which makes the game of numbers even more powerful.

CCP does all design decision based on sov nullsec space, if it doesn’t fit elsewhere, bad luck. This is clear from observation.


Or maybe we should just unite and start to offer some form of resistance? so far all citadels are falling one by one with no one actually doing anything to fight horde. Remember - in high sec they can’t use capitals so at least there level is equalized.

Yes you are on even playing field for Ship type. But they can amass 100’s of macherials for this if need be. You’re going to need a big hitter/group to back this up if you want to stand a chance. Can’t just be a group of 20 people in a kitchen sink

True - 20 ppl in kitchen sink won’t do this. But 200 or so? May just be able to do this. Remember the goal - to defend the citadel. All you need is to knock their ships one by one to the point where they can’t blow it up anymore (will they repeat attack next time? who knows, but if they lose enough isk doing this they will stop)

Best to take them from the inside.

Your wish is irrelevant … make it happen within the game mechanics.
Nobody is forcing you to install new markets.

Finally, why would your 1 man corp be on par with an organization of few thousand? Is not a valid point even in theme park games.

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Uh, open a trade window in jita 4-4? Problem solved?

Most of the people are there anyways. Not sure why you would be angry at something that is so easily fixed.

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