"We need to attract new players and get some isk off the street." "I have an idea....put nullsec difficulty rats in HS." Who thinks this stuff up? :psyccp:

Obviously there has got to be some strategy behind the carving up of HS and the complete dismantling of trade and industry, but I’m hoping soon someone pulls back the curtain before wasting any more money on subscriptions. I’ve come back to station trading having been murdered - why? cheaters. Now, high sec and being split and and destroyed making basic manufacturing, trade, and PI nearly impossible and we’re in the early stages of HS division. Why? cheaters…

Watching CCP ruin the HS game because they can’t come up with a decent way to secure the long term value of the ISK and deal with abuse. Instead the trade off is to sacrifice everyone in HS including much of the incoming population due to not being able to have the economy under control any more despite the metric fuckton of money sinks in the game.

It’s getting old. If systems are getting invaded, and we’re sticking to story line where the ■■■■ is Concord? Why is it that Caldari Navy will watch me get smoked by Endecom ships with an 8 standing? Why the ■■■■ am I having to worry about basic autopilot through HS space (outside of the normal potential ganks) on an indy alt? You guys really think we’re going to suffer through manually jumping 46 systems to trade?

Anyway, this plan is dumb, and as long as someone back there is bad at math and creativity, at least please get a new guy to watch the incoming and departing stats of the game you’re changing to nearly require people to be in a corp in null. Lest you be left with Goons and PL alone.

anyway, /rantoff
tools, trolls, and fanbois can now hump that to death.

As someone pointed out - we can’t rant. I suppose a game that I’ve spent well, let’s see. 6 characters for an average of 10 years each(oldest being day one) , at $15 per month - roughly $10,792.80 on over the last 16 years total, doesn’t earn me the right when the game I have loved for more than a decade isn’t summoning the creative wherewithal to face the actual problem and is throwing the baby out with the bathwater - but I digress. So the constructive part, under protest -

  • a new isk block - get rid of scamming, completely. It’s only done by veteran players, typically at the expense of newbies, invites an unsavory aspect to the game, ruins local, and only makes the rich richer. Perhaps when the game was in it’s infancy it was a dog eat dog world and could be tolerated as adding a fear of poverty to the game. Now that EVE (at least a modicum attempt) has gone mainstream this sort of behavior, especially with a rampant inflation problem has no place here and hasn’t for years. There is zero upside to it outside of the 1%'ers.

I’ll come up with some others, but that would be a good start.


Trading is still going on, and lucratively. It’s going on differently, however, from when Amarr and Jita were 9 jumps apart. The idea behind the rats and the invasion and so on is to shake up hisec, which had become stale – too safe, too rote, too stale.

Yes, there were plenty of players who were comfortable with stale – it was familiar, reliable, predictable, and this came to be what some players expected from hisec, and that then became a straitjacket for hisec play as well.

These changes don’t eliminate any hisec gameplay, they simply redirect it, and make you play it a bit more actively, a bit less AFK, and a bit differently from the old way. Hisec carebearing is intact (I should know, I am mostly one myself), but the shakeup was truly needed because things had become stale in hisec.

It will be interesting indeed to see how players adapt to these changes. If you want you can try to slowboat 46 jumps, but there are other opportunities, either in the North or the South of hisec (or should we now say “hisecs”?), and now is the time to explore those, experiment and come up with a new way to exploit the new landscape. That does mean less AFK play, though.


High Sec is not newbie space, it’s just as valid a space for end game play as anywhere else, therefore having difficult rats in HS is perfectly fine.
Adjust your thinking about what High Sec means, that’s the problem.


FYI, that can get your thread closed… Ranting is against da rulez.


Look Ma! Another Troll post!!!


Hilmar telegraphed these changes both at the fireplace and the hot tub in Finland. I think they were planned way before the drinking got out of hand.
Now that they appear to be returning to their office from summer break, let’s see if they have enough intestinal fortitude to address some people’s concerns via a well advertised and announced AMA, rather than sneak one in via a player subset discord channel. The whole community could benefit from more information that is accurate.


To be fair, this is a really good point. The standings system in the game is one massive clusterfuck. So CCP is pretty much forced to employ a system of neutrality with regard to the NPCs. How else would it be possible to address a situation in which, for example, a player with high standings toward one NPC, and low standings toward another NPC, with the two NPCs being allied to each other, meets both on grid at the same time? In a perfect game world, consequences would apply not only to players, but to the NPC factions as well.

That’s why the entire system of standings should probably be removed entirely, until AI is advanced enough to act dynamically, and be able to perform actions such as deescalating conflicts and negotiating.

But this isn’t a good point.

First of all, scamming being targeted at newbies is a very counter-intuitive notion; what exactly do they have to scam? Scamming can never make more money than the victim makes, because victims have their own overhead. And what do newbies make from mining Veldspar in Ventures, or running level 1 missions? No, scamming is almost exclusively targeted at the ignorant rich.

Second, it leads to a slippery slope. Not being allowed to deceive someone, but being allowed to violently destroy them, just doesn’t make any sense.

Last time I checked mining veldspar in a Venture returns about 3 million an hour, it takes 20 minutes to fill the ore old and each load is just under a million.

As you say, not worth scamming.

I haven’t played nearly as long as you op, only roughly 3 years on and off due to rl, but I honestly wonder what ccp post pearl abyss purchase is thinking now, especially with station trading and indy gutted, that was my bedrock for supplying my pvp activity, at least i still have a cushion from the golden days but its been a confusing and demoralizing series of changes.


I haven’t been playing for very long and it’s getting annoying. I started playing this game on another character with the intentions of doing pvp and got him into faction warfare but that kind of fell flat on its face. I started messing around with this guy when I bought the three month dual character training deal back in June and have made it a hauling,industry,and trade alt that I have been enjoying.

But bit by bit I’ve had to alter routes to get around certain systems and it just keeps getting longer and longer routes and it’s taking the fun out of it. I’ve only recently started doing my industry around Jita because I gave up on Dodixie and I’ve noticed a big difference since Niarja went null. Prices all over the place and certain items I couldn’t make enough of are pilling up in my inventory. I’ve actually idled my industry slots while waiting for everything to sell.

My tinfoil hat conspiracy theory is that they have given up on Eve and want everyone to go mobile. If they make high sec annoying enough then all of the care bears might give echoes a try. I doubt they have the hangy down things to do it but I wouldn’t be shocked if Jita gets invaded. Not now but after they shut down some more high sec trade routes to other trading hubs.


Really hope this isn’t the case. What a crappy way to end a dynasty. Hopefully they have some ideas up their sleeve no one can see yet, because at this pace, I don’t see it alive in a year, save the very hardcores.

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Odd, I expected a lot more flaming and instead got a bunch (for the most part) of grown up answers? omg, have we all grown up?!

Anyway, I think the important part is EVE doesn’t have an end game like many traditional MMO’s. The “End Game” is wealth. When explaining it to friends to try and talk into playing “the grind” is about isk - not levels. time is time so the game IS the money. I know I don’t speak for all, but I certainly speak for some. it’s the perpetual quest to amass wealth to pvp or simply amass it for no other reason other than to look at it in our wallets. What appears to be happening is CCP is force-feeding (which they’ve been trying since the beginning) that the end game is corporate based participation, and it’s not. It may have been the dream at conception, but it’s never been for many players. A serious shift to try and align the 60% of the population that remains in NPC corps on purpose, to buy off on the fact that they must be in a corporation that is capable of null sec support will see that 60% gone or at least a lion’s share of it.

Anyway, with no real data or answers from CCP, the masses are beginning to fill in the story, and this stuff that’s been going on is what causes exoduses. Please get the ■■■■ worked out, and figure out a way to right the ship before your audiences dwindles to the point of no return.


Thats what makes me think that the changes to slow down the economy and erode peoples wealth made no sense whatsoever, those wealthy people have enough money to not be hit by the changes it just is an artificial limit on new competition in a game that was sold as being hands off and hyper capitalistic.

Evidence required.
There is no sign of these alleged exoduses

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Yea I dont see an exodus either but the bigger problem might just be stagnation, even 2 years ago I kept hearing of the importance of new blood new pilots for the game

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I disagree that wealth is EVE’s end game. The real end game is power and influence, and money is one of the physical manifestations of that. But not the only one; personal connections, likability/charisma, and a capacity for a bit of the old ultraviolence (cough) are some of a number of others. And in this regard, EVE actually is a lot like many other MMOs. As someone who’s spent copious amount of time raiding in WoW, I can tell you that the loot was maybe only 10% of the draw. Topping the damage meters, and being recognized while sitting outside the auction house on a fancy mount and telling stupid jokes in trade chat was much more important to me. Likewise, some people put ungodly amounts of effort into becoming the leaders of top guilds, or working their way up the arena ladder.

Material things are alright, but they’re just a single facet of enjoyment and accomplishment. And many players, especially those who tend to gravitate toward non-stop grinding with as little risk as possible, don’t really get it. They’re laser-focused on making their wallets grow, but they never actually spend the money on anything fun. After all, spending means going away from the goal instead of towards it. Players like that always feel that the end game is out of reach, or worse yet, doesn’t even exist.

But it does. You just have to know how to entertain yourself, like a kid with a stick playing near a pond. I learned this truth about 3 years into my EVE career, and because of it, I’ve stuck around this long. I understand the value of money, but I also wouldn’t be here if I didn’t use it for entertainment all this time, instead of merely hoarding it. For example, I’m really fond of paying two mediocre high-sec corporations to go to war against each other, and then observing the hilarious interactions that take place.

POKE IT WITH A STICK! That’s the end game.

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Imo isk for me is the start of the endgame, when I was having my most fun is when I had enough isk to pvp or play around in activities I wanted, like when I tried to be an fc. That took a lot of investment on my part. I would say not worrying about isk anymore is a pre requisite to start really being comfortable in eve.

Link your lossmail.


Eve echoes seems to attract a lot of players. Maybe you should ask advice from them.

Oh that’s right I forgot
Then we are gonna have to make PvP in highsec and lowsec irrelevant because you can’t shoot in highsec and gate guns one shot you in low

The entire station trading change was only focused on items that are sold often and completely ignored the devastation to prices that are for items that only sell every day or 2. I really don’t know what to say at this point, i watched prices literally drop almost in half already of tons of items and CCP just silent as ever acting like all is working well.

Its irony I tell you that the thing that was killing the game (bots) is now going to make me not even want to play it from the way they handled a problem (bots) without even acting like a single ■■■■ was given as long as they got that bot.

I have enjoyed EvE off and on for a while, but this really takes almost all the fun out of the game. I mean what good are good items to get if I can’t ever sell them? Why should I have to completely change my playstyle because the devs are incapable of handling problems correctly?

I don’t blame people for quitting now, even I am thinking about quitting and I have 4 years of PLEX in a station. And no you can’t have it, i wouldn’t curse anyone with that now.