Yeah, sad that the community isn’t the same anymore, most of those who cared are no longer here.


Its 360. I am serious.


HyperNet will be the new market for all available items. Who is gonna put a carrier up for 1.2 Billion on the open market when they can get a few dozen people to crowd-fund 5 Billiion for it? Then, when a player wins that carrier for 150 Million… or even if they spend 1 Billion on nodes, why wouldn’t they just re-sell it on the HNR right after for the same 5 billiion or more? Causing the open-market price to skyrocket. 4 Bill carriers being sold just to be placed on the HNR. Recycle recycle recycle.

Haven and Sanctum bounty ticks will quickly look like bounty payouts for Level 1 mission rats do now. Entirely irrelevant.

Items will be bought off the open market just to sell on the HNR and then just re-sold on the HNR over and over and over and over…

Lol. Remember those commercials where there are people around a conference table asking “What could go wrong?” followed by a 10 second chain of cataclysmic events following what seemed to be a small change to a product or policy?

Yeah, CCP doesn’t ask questions before doing stuff.


What are you talking about? It’s a “free market” feature and not “gambling”.

sips coolaid


Absolutely unreal.

But it happened.

Majority from that poll I made was right. If we would have the power of democracy here, HyperNet would not exist.


The problem with democracy in this game would be null deciding to remove all WHs and gates to their regions


Stop that, all of your kool-aid belongs to Hilmar, who should know better than to indulge in his own stash.


The moment I heard about it from a corpmate and then looked up the dev blog on the launcher, I knew I would probably never be using it as either a seller OR a buyer. Just do what I do: pretend it doesn’t exist, same as extractors and injectors, which I’ve never used.*

*I did use some injectors when CCP gave us the drugs last X-mas that made it where 100+ mil SP toons could inject injectors at 100% SP rate, and I probably will again this X-mas if they give us that drug again. I’m weak. But that was the exception, the only time, and… yeah. I wasn’t alone. ;D


If this is the kind of stuff you’re worried about, you don’t have enough ISK worth being scammed. lmao

[citation needed]
lmao, how new are you, kid?

Sorry but democracy is only based on those who vote so a few dozen arseholes full of themselves arguing in the forums with one another about what is right isn’t going to be as indicative of the fact that CCP had to shut down gambling sites run by thousands of participants willing to chance being scammed anyways.

That was all the evidence they needed to know players would want this and the gambling aspect isn’t watertight, most players will still be using their ISK to purchase cores and nodes while wealthy players invest in buying PLEX with real money to seed the market from the NES with cores.

It’s not just about being scammed, it’s about having the legitimate deals buried in an endless sea of worthless scam garbage that is fooling nobody. The last thing EVE needed was another instance of Jita local.

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Has it?

The game has been micro-transaction intensive for awhile now, gambling, scamming and all activities that make this game a hive of wretched villainy are probably more at the core of the game rather than what we perceive as socially acceptable behavior or game play.

You could equally argue that for the most long term dedicated and supportive players of CCP/Eve Online this is exactly what they would like to see in the game. Not saying that concepts of gambling is ok for children but then again this isn’t exactly a game for children in a lot of ways and children probably don’t make the majority of the player base or big spenders in the game either. Sex, drugs and violence, anything else you can imagine in the game, ok! Gambling, not ok?

You also have to take into account that gambling was prevalent among players in Eve online before and it was CCP that finally got rid of it opposing what players wanted because it was not aligned to their rules. Now they introduce a version of gambling, less revolved around real money, RMT, scamming and credit fraud so that players can enjoy it in game and a few people arguing they are not supportive of the idea isn’t going to get in way of them expanding on the profit scale of their game already focused on micro-transactions to make most of their money.

What I would like is to see CCP making more money, firing less people, hiring new employees, adding more content and fixing old at the same time, planning more events and getting more involved in the community. All these things need success in the game which comes from people spending on it not just enjoying it. You can enjoy playing this game for free but if you never spend on it that does nothing for CCP or the game because they would run out of business if we only had F2P alphas.

The only benefit to the game itself having alphas is more players in it who normally wouldn’t play if they had to spend money so you got to take the good and the bad with everything. CCP takes a hit to their profit to allow F2P alphas in the game but that helps get more players into the game both for future potential profits from potential spenders or other players staying interested and keeping it an alive community.

Yeah at first I was like how dare they add such a money grab but the more I think of it this is going to benefit all of us in the game as well and it’s future can’t be decided by only what players want but what players want that also makes CCP money.

The gambling aspect is worrisome but honestly I don’t think this is going to be an epidemic of people spending money on PLEX just to sell for ISK to gamble, they need PLEX to buy the cores but the actual gambling only requires ISK to buy nodes. Cores themselves can also be bought in game with ISK for most of us we aren’t going to spend one coin of real money just our wealth in game with ISK. Players who are wealthy both in and outside of the game are going to be the ones buying PLEX with real money just to buy Cores and even they will just be spending a lot of ISK to buy PLEX to do the same thing with their in game wealth as well.

Time may prove me wrong but I don’t think the gambling addiction aspect is going to be as bad as players think for most but maybe only a small minority of impulsive out of control people who probably do already spend like crazy on PLEX and lose big all the time anyways when they play.

What parents should worry about is teaching their kids to be responsible because one day they will grow up and guess what gambling exists if they can’t control themselves in a video game depending on their parents income to support them how they going to stop themselves on a website or casino when they are older and wasting their own money if they aren’t just broke all the time anyways.


Reality check :

CCP isn’t really CCP anymore.

It’s PA.

Hellmar got his cash and pretty much left the boat at this point.

Eve is now just one of PA’s milkcow, so anything goes to sustain it.

The Eve we all once knew, is long dead.

I wouldn’t support this game anymore, imo, not if you have respect for what the game once was.


TBH, I don’t think it’s such a terrible thing for CCP to have implemented. I believe they could have probably used the dev time it took to do something better, more useful, less controversial.

However, CCP and EVE definitely needed/still needs to expand their cash shop beyond skins, injectors and Plex. That’s just not a sustainable product line for the long term. And the nature of EVE eliminates a lot of the standard ‘cash shop’ items.

So with Hypernet Relay they have implemented a standalone product, that doesn’t require changes to other parts of the game, that is completely voluntary on both sides, where the Plex/$$ cost is borne by the people making the offering rather than those buying in.

All in all, it’s one of the less player-hostile, “CCP shot themselves in the foot again” additions they’ve made recently.

(Note: this is purely from a game-mechanic, cash shop expansion point of view - completely ignoring the whole “OMG it’s gambling!” debate for this purpose.)

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You can go a bit farther and send ticket requesting disabling it.

You can submit a ticket (click here or hit F12 in-game and click “Go to Help Center”) and under the Game Play Support -> Game Play -> General Questions category request in the Description field that the HyperNet is deactivated in your client. You will have to replicate this process for each one of your accounts.

Then the icon is gone, and you cant view HerpesNet links in local.


I could even agree with this if this feature was there in isolation and without the last 5 or so years of additions of “microtransactions” on top of a subscription model. Yes, it is free2play’ish, but a big part is still locked behind a paywall which makes it practically indistinguishable from the days when this was a pure subscription game. If you want to play somewhat competitive you kinda have to go omega.

I’m totally fine with either one of this business models for games, but to shuffle them all into the same 15 year old game is a bit rich in my eyes. They implement ever more ways to leech more money out of the same game while tuning down the actual development, not even trying to come up with a vision for its future.

I state this same thing since the introduction of the extractor. It was so obvious they where not finished. Now here we are, they added gambling as yet another way to monetize the game. Do you think they are done yet? I don’t think so, at least not if they don’t get any significant backlash at all and people are still defending those practices. From the looks of it this will clearly continue.

And about the gambling, I get that some make the “because of the children” argument. But that isn’t even what cracks me up. It’s more like a big neon sign with a statement about how today’s CCP is more than willing to attempt to trick part of their player base who may very well get addicted to this into parting with their money just because they think they can get away with it.

Think about that for a second. Are they still trying to create an awesome game or just a trap to leech money?

It’s pretty clear to me since ~2 years that I will not give them any money until this changes. If it doesn’t, fine, I can still play it, occasionally even might, but not giving them money is the only vote I have to show my dissatisfaction with what they do. As with all votes, it has no impact on it’s own but only if others do the same, I have no illusions about that and I’m probably a small minority. I’m fine with that, there are more other awesome games than ever out there.


Well yeah it’s certainly got that potential. Hence the “they could have done something better with their time”. (Note: your quotes got kind of chopped up and it makes your post hard to read.)

Completely agree. My comment was more along the lines of “well at least they tried something and didn’t completely screw it up”.

But yes, extractors, log in rewards, and gambling mechanisms mean they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to create income and simulate player activity. It’s the lowest of low hanging fruit. CCP appears, as you say, to have given up on creating a better game and are simply looking for cheap tricks to eke a little more income and activity out of what they already have.

I should point out that the whole Triglavian element they’ve put in has been, in my mind, somewhat of a success. It doesn’t interest me particularly but it is at least the sort of thing they should be working on. So they haven’t completely dropped the ball, just fumbled it on 8 out of 10 tries, I guess.


Yup, Eve isn’t eve anymore is just a reality everything changes, the game and it’s players, the world we live in and the companies that operate in it.

Nobody is going to see the old Eve of the past, the number of players (probably) or enthusiasm for game play from those who have already had their time with the game before it’s different phases of change both players and the game itself.

It’s a new era and new players, companies and ethics, priorities. Micro-transactions and kids spending their parents credit cards and bouncing from one game to another instead of sticking with one is just a reality of the new age. CCP is adjusting to that because they can’t afford to live in the past anymore it isn’t going to help them keep players from moving on or new one’s interested in the game which may become a dime a dozen in a couple years compared to how unique it once was in the world of decades past.

Maybe this hypernet is going to be attractive to new or old players, maybe one day they have to remove it but for CCP and Eve Online I think that is a gamble they can afford as the game is probably going to reach it’s point of no return one of these days anyways when they have no choice but to pull the plug.

Your right it is a problem in all gaming developers and publishers in this day and age but if they see one company do it and make millions then look at their dying or less profitable than it once was game what have they got to lose if it makes them more money now before the game finally ends which is going to happen all things end, all things change both for better and worse, always.

Eve online isn’t going to be around another two decades there will be dozens of game just like Eve Online and very little room to compete so the business motivation is to cash out as much income as soon as possible because there is no telling what changes will come in a year or two maybe a new game just like Eve online sucks away the player base and then it is over.

What is sustainable?

It’s the old Eve that led to what it is now because it wasn’t sustainable. If it was and CCP realized that changing it was a mistake they would have gone back to the way it was. You can argue that CCP changing the game pushed away players but what about botting and RMT? Natural growth of players squeezing out all potential and then moving on with their lives and other games. Players change the game through their own choices and changes whether or not CCP did.

All games lose their appeal overtime, especially when legit competition gets replaced with greedy cheating and that is just a result of what players do themselves. Now we got a lot more centralized wealth by players who claim to be legit and want to get players interested but at the end of the day they probably just want to keep the supply of what makes them illegal money out of the game what once was people who used to actually be interested in the game playing itself.

The game didn’t just change, CCP didn’t just change, we all did together as players both new and old. The blame goes all around because we can’t control CCP and CCP can’t control us nor the way the world today operates.

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No they absolutely do not need to add more F2P cash shop trash to EVE. If anything they need to remove the things that already exist.