HyperNet Relay is a bad game and i think i know how to fix it

hi im brasilian so apologize for bad english in the first sentence ,this is my first post here, going to de meat of the tread now .

I was born in 2011 in eve, i my numerous activities in the game i was a BIG , i MEAN BIIIIIG gambler in the days of the cassinos , won 50 bil jackpots, won 100s of big prizes , played sommer played i want isk played isk sport bets and it was fun . HyperNet Relay not so much, why? well it is a bad game. And some day people will stop playing it , because is bad.

But tutucox why is bad? well because if i want to put a provicence in the loto ( 1.2 bil cost) i have to buy itens and pay taxes of aprox 150 milion, tre price is raised to 1.35 bilion if im the cassino and dont make any f money, this is bad for the dudes who want to be cassinos , and for the players , most providences go for 1…5 bil or more, and other itens are even worst , its like betting in snake eyes in cassinos , i lost A LOT of money because i realy like the ideia of a space cassino but is geting boring ,even rl cassinos have games with 95% return rates, in theory of poker David Sklansky say that if you make the correct decision you win , even if in the particular bet you lose, if you make a bad decision you loose even if you win that particular bet, in HyperNet Relay play is a bad decision , the only good decision is not to play . all the bets are kinda of a SCAM why? well because betting on overpriced itens means youre geting a terrible equity on your money, and getting a terrible return rate for all the gamblng, and you will go broke , sooner or later no mather if you have 1 bil or 1 tril, "give me 1% advantage and i can bankrupt any milionary ".

Now the "solution " make the itens that were needed to make the lotos dirt cheap, make a TAKER TAX, that is charge all the tax on the guy who win , thing about the IRS taking his share wen you win the jackpot , so imagine the guy won that providence , but instead of a 1,5 bil price , he paid 1,23 bil in the total of the tickets , BUT wen he win he have to pay 5 % to retrieve the item else the item sits there waiting for him to have the money to take it , so is cheaper to everyone except for the lucky guy who took the item , and he is kinda happy because he took a big win already, THEN of this 5% tax ccp burn 4% and saves the 1% left and put in a rake back acount , this rakeback is payed at the end of the mont proportional of the TOTAL MONEY , not spent , not won , but the total money that you run in the system , for example in the old cassinos the most profit i had was 90 bilions but there was some times that i run a trilion in the system , this reward big and constant gamblers , the game now is more fair, people go bankrupt less , its more fun, and will last 4 ever.

Wel ill love to see you guys opinions on the matter anc criticism of my idea and of the system in general, cheers from brasil, fly safe o7

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hypernet relay would be more fun if we could win real life stuff like a new car or dinner for two at the local steakhouse, also it needs more flashing lights and fun music

also alcohol and girls

[Aiko_Danuja] agree ,not abut the stake part but about the bling bling part lol, im all about slots but i think , gambling is not a easy word to say if youre a big game developer nowadays(EU LAWS AND SH%$) and we will never see flashy blinging slots on hypernet relay, im hope im wrong about it

[Solstice Projekt] ty :smiley:

i think ccp can apply for a gambling license and then WIN WIN WIN :partying_face: :moneybag:

Fix your paragraphs before trying to “fix” the Hypernet. Holy heck.


scoots,do you speak Portuguese? No? i play eve , have a nice day

edit: i mean , i tried my best, and pre apologized , never lied

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What does this have to do with anything?

Well in defense of @Scoots_Choco is there no concept of paragraphs in portuguese? I have to believe that regardless of language you could have put some effort into breaking up the wall of text to make it more readable.


I really dont think the cost of the item in the hypernet even matters. It can be triple its value as long as each node is a small percentage of the actual value.

Take a 1 billion valued item, put it up in a 300 node hypernet for a total of 3 billion. I buy 10 at 10 million each for a total of 100 million and win that’s a huge profit or cheap item for me. If I lose, ah well not that big of a deal. The person that set up the hypernet makes isk and someone walks away with the item for a reduced price most likely.

I do see a possible decline for 2 reasons. One I think the OP pointed out is the lack of enjoyment for the players. Only one can win out of a possible 512 players. That is discouraging upfront, and there needs to be a thanks for playing prize. At least for the high value high number of node lotteries.

Second problem is people are adding up the total value of all nodes like it matters instead of just looking at what a ticket costs. As I already commented on this above i will stop there.

Paragraphs, FFS!

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Is it really that challenging for you to add a few additional lines into your text, so it’s not just one giant clusterfuck of letters?

Nobody said it was a good game and they won’t fix what isn’t broken.

ty so much for talking about the subject

thats not how it works, you have to get a fair mathematical chance to make a fun and durable game
if you play heads and tails for 2 bucks per run
wen you loose the guy take your 2 bucks
wen you win the guy pays you 1 buck
then you have a expected lost every time you play
if you keep playing you will bust
thats how cassinos work
but in cassinos , they make it like 90%, 95% return to the player, so you don’t have a fair game but have a fun close to fair game ( not all cassino games are like that , some suc$ˆ$)
thats why people keep playing

hypernet relay needs a incentive in the system to make the return rate better for the player , so the game can be durable and fun

BTW return rate and volatility are different , if a slot charge 1 dollar per run, and have a jackpot that have 1/1000 change to pay, but wen it pays it pays 1000 dollars , well its a fair game but volatile since you will loose most of the time and have a big chance of loosing streaks
another slot charge the same 1 dollar , but they have a jackpot with 1/20 chance to pay, but wen it pays it pays 12 dollars , thats NOT a fair game , but is less volatile since you will win more times but less money , and have a smaller chance of a near infinite loosing streak

im not advocation for a less volatile game ,thats player preference , but for a game with better return rate for the player

ps: i tried to improve the first post, i get the point , but this is really the best i can do in english at the moment, im starting to think im passionate about the hypernet subject and the people that keep bringing the paragraph thing may not be , so f it

That is why everyone should disable it by sending them ticket.

You can submit a ticket (click here or hit F12 in-game and click “Go to Help Center”) and under the Game Play Support -> Game Play -> General Questions category request in the Description field that the HyperNet is deactivated in your client. You will have to replicate this process for each one of your accounts.

That is the only way. CCP will not do anything more about it.

Ok, but without gambling part.

i really think gambling and eve go well together
its a EASY ISK sink
is risk vs reward
its lore friendly because think about it , in a anarchic mad max/dune like space games people would gamble

edit: and now ccp put it in the hand of the players , just need some improvements to be great imho


well you may be right , i loved the cassino sites back then , wen hypernet was released i was super pumped , but i can see the community not liking it

I’m not really sure that it is. The cores can be purchased with PLEX, but it is a very small amount overall. After that in game it is a player to player transaction so it isn’t taking that isk out of the game, aside from broke fees etc.

HyperNet sales are player to player so that isn’t a sink either.

I think the simple answer to this is get rid of the 512 node hypernet. Keep them no more then 48. It may cost a bit more to play per node but far better chance of winning.

I get it. But playing 8 games in a row does not change your chance to win, it’s always a 1/8 chance. Thats the difference between just gambling and addiction.

So if you see an item you want to go for and the value of the node is less then the value of the item then enjoy gambling. The total value of all nodes is not that big of a deal.

If you must keep going till you win and of course you chances dont change so you will look for any negative to point at for your misfortune. Sure if the total value of all nodes gets way out of hand then there is less of a reason to play. As the cost of setting up the lottery is more then the value of the item alone I got no problem with the host pushing the total node value up for solid profit.