Updates to Hypernet - Post all your Hypernet suggestions here!

Ill start with a few, post more if you got some suggestions about Hypernet:

  • Make hypernet window resizeable
  • Option to filter all your winning hypernet offers, and hypernet offers with items left to be claimed, only
  • Full hypernet offers results (include all hypernodes and players who bought them)

Thanks, Ill update this topic if anyone suggests new things to optimize hypernet.

Get rid of it. The game was fine without it. I have an idea. Lets make the game more engaging and fun rather than creating contrived and cancerous methods of selling crap. the market was fine without it.

  1. How about some rewards/loyalty program.
    Like for those who play the raffles get to earn points and reach certain levels they will get maybe isk in return etc.

  2. Jackpot?

  3. Monthly or weekly grand lucky draw.
    So those whom “raffles” accumulates points to enter into some mega draw.

Well we have pvp’ers, miners, explorers, wh dwellers, station ship spinners, gankers, role players, why not a gambler profession in eve online.


It’s very easy to see so many of the “same names” winning the relays, happens alot, called they have IRL cash, buy plex n sit there all day buying ■■■■ tons fo relay tickets

400+ i bidded on with 1 ticket, i won zero of them

Close hypernet entirely

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