Purposed Update to Hypernet

If the hypernet is here to stay then make it where the seller cannot bid on their own item. On several tickets I have lost because the seller had bid on his own item well over 50% for some reason. Another option would be that if the seller wins the auction then refund the money I have lost well over $100mill isk because of people like this. I know I am not the only one who has experienced this and its this kind of unfair system that makes me not want to use the Hypernet at all. My main suggestion is if it cannot be made fair to all players then it should be removed all together the game has been fine for years without it.

Ha ha ha! Good one! Oh wait, are you being serious?

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No you didn’t lose because of that.

You would have lost with any name (that was not yours) to own those tickets.

Whether the owner, their friend or any random guy owned the winning ticket does not matter, what matters is that you did not own the winning ticket and therefore you lost.

Players can buy their own tickets to close the raffle, but it does not increase their own profits. If anything it reduces their profits as they need to make extra costs to set up another hypernet offer again when they win their own stuff.


Sorry they need to remove HyperNet its just Gambling!

Nothing wrong with gambling if you do it responsibly. And I don’t think that the fact that some people can’t should mean that it should be done away with. Things would be different if this game was targeted at kids, but it’s not. Average age was 32 (iirc) the last time CCP released stats, and Eve is sometimes referred to as a game for dads.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea. It’s a plex sink that doesn’t affect balance that people actually like paying into.

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yup…some reason hehe…
*brrrrrrrr *ching!


They’d just buy tickets on an alt.

OP, the only way you’d come close to getting rid of what you ask (which isn’t a problem) is preventing people from bidding on specific raffles and moving bids over to categories and the system randomly assigns tickets among similar items (which creates its own set of issues).

E.g. You place three bids on the category ‘skill injector,’ the hypernet system searches for all available injectors listed on Hypernet in your bid range and randomly selects where to place those three bids.

Every ticket at the raffle has the same chance of winning.

  1. If you buy ticket 1 and someone else buys ticket 2, does that change your chances at winning? No, there were X tickets to be sold and you still have 1/X chance to win.

  2. If you buy ticket 1 and the owner of the raffle buys ticket 2, does that change your chances compared to scenario 1? No it does not matter who owns the other tickets, as this does not change the chance of your ticket in any way.

The reason owners buy their own tickets is to make sure the raffle happens, because if not enough tickets are sold, (I think) you get your money back and the offer is canceled.

The owner who buys their own tickets has the same chance to win for each ticket as you do.

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