Big problem

Many people on the hypernet are buying up 50% of their own nodes. When the item is up, they have a 50% chance of getting their item back plus 50% of the money people bid with.

This is not fair.
Users should be stopped from bidding on their own items.

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Sorry feller but who said Eve was fair?

They are simply managing their risk. And it is transparent.
You can avoid them.
Or have this evil grin to win their raffles despite them buying so much nodes themself. :slight_smile:

That’s not risk management. There is no risk whatsoever for them if they set the right price. It’s not like there’s any possibility of them not getting any money for the item they put up.

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LOL! CCP let the lottery in! Just one more thing to police. A famous mafioso once said, “If it wasn’t for people wanting something for nothing La Cosa Nostra would not exist.”

Good luck with your gambling, kid. And, don’t take no wooden nickels.

Welcome to the Hypernet.

Even if CCP made that rule, nothing would stop them doing it with alts instead.

Don’t treat the Hypernet as fair - it never has been and is not meant to be. It simply creates absolute transparency on the total profit the listing player is courting.

The raffle isn’t over until all nodes are sold so your odds remain the same regardless of who buys the nodes.

Keep in mind there are costs with setting up the node in the first place.

Yes, they can make it so they profit - unless no one buys the rest of the nodes. It’s a lot of work to get a large node list filled, especially if the offer isn’t particularly enticing.

They have a non zero risk and a lot of footwork. In the end the mechanic offers exactly what players wanted - ability to create and join raffles. If the raffle value to odds isn’t good for you, don’t buy a node.

Is this a serious post? Do people truly lack even a rudimentary understanding of math?


The only guaranteed winner in a hypernet raffle is CCP. At least it is a “fair” game in the sense that your odds of winning are the number of nodes you buy divided by the total number of nodes. You can calculate the “expected value”. If people bothered to do that they probably wouldn’t play!

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Mathematically speaking, the probability of you winning is not influenced by how many nodes any one other person possesses, only by 1. how many nodes you possess and 2. how many nodes exist in total. You are not more-or-less likely to win if the rest of the nodes are owned by different individuals or all by the owner. This is not a problem. Gamblers who don’t know the basics of probability/statistics/combinatorics think it is, but it is not.

FYI: If the HyperNet auctioneer bids a pricy item and loses, he’s ■■■■■■. I’ve done the combinatorial analysis already… it’s… not… that… profitable in the long run… with the hypercore prices and hypernet taxes as high as they are… and if you fail a single auction (or even let one expire), you’re sunk