Can we at least put the total ticket value on the HyperNet tile somewhere?

It was out of control within minutes… For the greater good can we at least include the sale value on the bid tile somewhere? For those math challenged ladies and gents, it would be nice if they saw that the estimated 400 Million valued Machariel up for bid will sell for 1.2 billion…

Then maybe deal with the Blueprint original/copy problem… The colors don’t match the item for some reason. I’ve seen pale blue originals and dark blue copies all over the Net

Why do you care how much the seller will make? You’re buying a raffle ticket for a fraction of what the item is worth

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Yeah, unless you’re buying all of the tickets, what’s the point? To point fingers and be all “look the guy raffling something for profit is raffling things at a profit!”??

Yup. Pay CCP to make the most money on the market. Nice feature CCP!!:rofl:

You would expose the scam people participate in.

It have to be build on ignorance and greed to work. You want to reaveal to people in plain sight that they are conned. Maybe also show them probability of them winning? CCP will not do that.

You have no concept of how raffles/loterry work. Nobody is getting scammed. Participants are willingly spending money for a chance of winning something that is worth many times more than what they spent for having this chance. Idk what there is to complain about? It’s entertainment, it’s optional.

Gambling is exploiting people who are bad in math and are bamboozled by visions of “big win”. Also those who are poor as they are more willing to exchange the cash they have to “win big”. Thats why the raffles doesnt explain to users what chance they have actually, and for what amount of cash they would have to buy tickets, to win 100%. And of course the person that setups the raffle is always winning, as the value of tickets can be many times more than the value of gambled item. Another way to scam people out of their belongings essentially.

Ok, I guess it must be a cultural thing. I live in a town that has a casino. It doesn’t mean I go there every day to lose all my money. I’m well aware of the odds. I do go there from time to time for some entertainment. Yes I leave my money at the casino in exchange for being entertained. Eve is a space ship game created to generate profit not some utopian socialist society.

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First of all, human brain doesnt work wery well when it comes to math, math is not the thing human brain evolved to do.

Daniel Kahneman had done research on it and it turns out people brains are very bad when it comes to actually comprehending what chances they have in lotteries.

People exaggerate their in fact very minimal chances for winning, thats one thing, another is people are imagining themselves as winners, that is also selfdeception.

Ok, lets break this down for a minute shall we? We have a Machariel, est market value of 390M. A seller list their Machariel for 700M at 48 Nodes equating a ticket value of ~ 14.6M. At this point you are the buyer and you see a Machariel listed and you buy a ticket. You have a 1 in 48 chance of getting that ship for 4% of the market value. At what point does it become relevent how much the total combined price of the item is? You still get that ship for 96% off market price.

Even if you had your scenario of 1.2 bil, which most likely would be at 512 nodes to keep price/ticket down, you would still end up paying out 2.3M for a ticket and assuming you win purchase it for less then 1% of market value. Again, why does it matter what the seller makes off the sale, you get a ship for a fraction of the cost.

Oh, but wait, “I want to buy multiple tickets, you know like 50% of them to have a much better chance at winning.” Ok, so at that point you are eating 600M for a 390M ship, but you are paying more for an increased chance to win, at the end of the day you simply need to use a calculator, there is one free in windows :slight_smile: if you choose to buy large quantities of tickets you SHOULD be doing research anyway to see which is more cost effective because 99% of listings will be above market value be it 1% above or 1200% above. If you are only buying a single ticket or even just 5 you still end up paying less then buying off the market, but if you are looking at taking control of the item by doubling down and going half in, deal with the consequences of that action. We already have ISK spelled out as million, billion, and thousand…we do not need to confound that by making the system more idiot proof at a glance.

Pro Tip:

The higher the value of the nodes on the same items the more likely it is a scam.

You will notice as well they highlight the node value in green to tell you it is not a scam.

Edit for clarification:


Actually this is NOT true. I have placed several items up for raffle for the exact same margin and some ended up green and others not so I am not sure where they come up with their assessment. Also I have seen worthless items up for ridiculous prices and they show as green. Do your own homework. Some of the white tickets are a better value than some of the green and vice versa.

Why the F is there no sort function in the history tab?
Why DOESN’T is even sort logically now?
Why is there no easy way to see ALL the “draws” for an item?
Why can’t I see just 8 Hypernode items not 8 and 16?
Why is there no consistence in the GREEN marker for a draw?
Why are your own draws not highlighted?

So many stupid design choices…

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