Hypernet change?

Did ccp change something on the mechanic on how the hypernet offers work? I just noticed that even if you own 6/8 tickets on any of your OWN offers, that you can no longer win them. Lost like 6 offers where I owned 6 of 8 tickets. They were all created by me.

It was not in patchnotes and it happens since yesterday’s downtime

Ahhh, so THAT’s the scam with hypernet offers. I was a bit indifferent to them and was wondering where the angle was for scammers, and this is it. you buy most of the tickets yourself, so obvious now you say it.

Yep…it’s reverse gambling actually as the more of your own tickets you buy the less profit you make but as long as you do the math, it’s extremely easy to break even at worse…

The other ticket holders still have the same odds no matter who buys. The so called scammers buying their own tickets are only scamming themselves as mathematically they also have odds of still losing their own raffle which means they lose even harder haha. This guy’s luck finally ran out.

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You should recheck your math on that…it’s not about losing your own raffle. That’s not why it’s done.

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Can you explain that please? the way I see it, if I put up a “thing” on hypernet with a total of 8 nodes and I buy 6 of them myself, leaving two nodes available then surely I stand a greater chance of “winning” that item as i own 75% of the nodes.

which means that if each node was 20m then sure id have to shell out 120m and id lose that if the other nodes won, but I only have a 25% chance of losing, and the ones you do win should outweigh the ones that you do.

Lol buying your own ticket you win back your own isk, lowering your profits. Someone would be better off bidding on other people’s cheaper raffles to win their item back than their own raffle.

The only plus is if they think people will psychologically be more likely to bid on an over priced raffle that they artificially made closer to ending. However it’s still negative expected value vs buying none of your own tickets over time.

And as the op found the hard way… you can still lose even when you buy your own tickets losing your item and all your profits. Roflmao

OK, thanks for explaining, maths was never my forte

Correct. So the other two tickets bought paid for your HyperCubes and you got your item back; you broke even. Rinse and repeat but hopefully the next time you don’t need to buy any tickets as that’s where the best results lie.

The point is that if you do the math you can’t really lose at selling…especially against items not brutally fought over.

Disclaimer: Maybe things have changed since launch as I only sold for the first few weeks…I accept I might be out of touch now…

it’s actually very easy logic.

You ALREADY made an offer (so the cost of setting it up is already lost).
Then you can buy tickets on that offer. The outcome of buying those tickets is the SAME as if you bought tickets for someone else.
Whether it’s YOUR offer or not does not change a thing.

Now you know, there is an expected loss of value when you purchase an item through hypernet. That means that you buying yourself your own tickets, means you are losing value by doing it.

A simpler explanation is : purchasing on hypernet is a scam, when you buy your own tickets you are scamming yourself.

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Try more offers. You may have bad luck.

Seems like you’ve had a streak of bad luck but you’re buying way too many of your own tickets, you should make sure you set the price higher so you don’t have to buy as many and need to sell even less just to cash out, then you can try buying the rest to complete the offers and try to get the item back as well otherwise your out of luck no matter what if enough tickets don’t sell and you had the price set too low, you will be forced to take a loss.

Also remember it isn’t legally gambling so there is no regulation of the hypernet and it’s CCPs game so they don’t need to tell you anything they don’t think you should know about how it works.

If CCP decides there may be something that needs to change because of possible exploits that is their concern not yours.

A scam is where you are unknowingly tricked out of something. This isn’t scamming as the purchaser knows what the odds are in winning, what they are winning and how much it will cost them.

If I want to buy 1 ticket for 8billion on an item that’s worth 4 million I’ve not been scammed I’ve been stupid.


No. The expected price of the item is not shown, while it is shown when creating the offer.
Therefore the design insists on the ticket price instead of the item price, which is a scam.

If the design is made so that you will pay 8b for an item worth 4b, then it is by definition a scam.

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In a theoretical hypernet offer of a 5,000,000 isk item with 10 tickets for 1,000,000 isk each:

The expected value of a ticket is the value of the item you’ll win multiplied by your chance of winning that item.

There are 10 tickets, so the odds of a ticket winning is 1 in 10, or 10%

10% times the prize value of 5,000,000 isk is 500,000 isk

The expected value (500,000) less the cost (1,000,000) is a 500,000 isk debt.

Buying your own ticket doesn’t really change this formula.

Someone else buys your ticket: You get 1,000,000 isk, you lose an expected value of 500,000 isk (=500,000 isk for the hypernet seller on average)

You buy your own ticket: You lose 1,000,000 isk, you gain your 1,000,000 isk, and an expected value of 500,000 isk on your ticket for the item you also paid 500,000 isk for (= 0 isk for the hypernet seller on average.)

The seller reduces their potential to lose their item being sold by the same proportion they reduce their profit potential.

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You have all the information you need to make an informed choice it’s up to the individual at that point to decide if they are willing.

You have not been tricked which is the definition of a scam.

No, you don’t have them. You need to search for it, while another information is shown instead.

Hypernet is a scam, period. It’s tricking you into making bad choices.
If it was not tricking people, nobody would use it.

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The player as no control over what information is shown and not shown. By calling it a scam is implying that the creator is deciving the buyer.

Not, it implies the buyer is deceived, even if he does not realize it.

Using the hypernet to sell something is a scam.

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The scammers are the ones that try to manipulate MORE than just the cost of an item. Like selling generators to hurricane victims for 1,000 times its value.

Some people were never taught scruples.

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