HyperNet Relay Welcomes Scammers 🎫

No big surprise here, the HyperNet Relay is chaulked full of scammers. One guy put a Vanquisher up, bought 114 of 512 Nodes and walked away with the Vanquisher and 233b ISK. Green offers aren’t even guaranteed to be a “good deal”. Do your research before you buy those lottery tickets. :ticket:

I see a lot of people putting items up for 200% of their cost and buying half the tickets. 50/50 they will break even OR receive the item and 100% of the cost. Pretty sad really.


HN Relay

I have not gone anywhere near this pile of poo, and nor am I.


This is the easiest way I’ve ever made ISK in the game. I don’t see what’s sad about this.
Scam have always been part of EVE Online and at some times, even encouraged.

You must be new here.


Not even close. As you embrace scamming you’re part of the problem. Just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean that you should.


You still haven’t explained how this is a problem.

Don’t like the price? Don’t buy it. Easy.
In fact, you’re not even forced to open the Hypernet.

IN FACT, you can even send in a petition to the GMs to ask them to remove your account’s ability to access the hypernet so that you don’t have to see it EVER.


Do you think turning a blind eye to something makes it go away?

Do you think just calling it a problem without explaining how it actually is a problem is making a good argument?

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This will eventually stop. As people get wise to it people won’t do it. It’s incredibly expensive in hypernodes to put an item up. I wanted to put up my monocle but in order make it worth it I needed to make it 4b more expensive then the lowest market sell order. And it still has a chance to fail and I would end up losing 2b.

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CCP is disabling this feature on request.

You can submit a ticket (click here or hit F12 in-game and click “Go to Help Center”) and under the Game Play Support -> Game Play -> General Questions category request in the Description field that the HyperNet is deactivated in your client. You will have to replicate this process for each one of your accounts.


I never said I won’t use it.

CCP should add the total cost of the Nodes. :eyes:

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Why should they?
Is it because of your feelings? You’re feeling bad about yourself because the raffle host might make more money? You feel like it’s “unfair” or something?

This isn’t a market. If you want to know the full price of something and buy it, just go to Jita or use Contracts. It’s a raffle, not a shop.


I don’t think you read the OP. Your argument isn’t covering anything that he said.

I don’t think you’ve read the development of the conversation, wanna try again?


Some yes, but a new sucker is born everyday. The old scams still work so why would the hypernet ones die out?

Are you 12 years old?

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It’s Christmas day and he’s angry and alone.

There are times when Scoots talks sense, this is one of them.

It is, but if you see a bad deal don’t.

However I will say this, I got a tengu for a measly ~ 250 thousand, someone bought up all the nodes left (about 490 out of 512), and lost.

Just adjust your settings for low cost nodes, if it’s meant to be you will get the winning combo, place multiple spots on different items offered at low cost, hopefully you will get it even if someone buys 99% of the nodes, otherwise don’t get sour grapes about it, if you can’t afford to buy nodes DON’T DO IT!

Let me break it down for you.

OP said that CCP should allow people to see the total price of all of the tickets. Presumably because he’s treating a raffle like a shop. He’s asking this because he feels like it’s unfair that someone can raffle a good that sells for 100m on the market for 150m on a raffle.

The problem lies with OP. He’s buttmad because he thinks it’s unfair that someone can ““sell”” something for more than what it’s currently worth on the market.

If this 12 year old can follow along, surely you can too, dear.