Avoid HyperNet offers made by Yanayera

It appears @yanayera has decided to scam others by listing item while purchasing 337 tickets out the 512 listed.

Checked a few listing and found 95% have been won by this player.

Not sure if CCP put a rule in place to stop this scam, i remember there was talk about it a while ago.

Anyhow be warned.

It’s always a gamble to play the Hypernet.

True, though that is pushing it to the extreme.

This is not a scam as you know your odds of winning by looking at the number of tickets you bought vs the possible outcomes. Who owns the other tickets is irrelevant.

I was in one of these the other day and the person who listed had 75% of tickets and lost. They are playing the margin game working the loss % into the price plus a bit of profit. You could do the same. Stopping this would require a cap on tickets and also would be difficult due to ALTs / Friends etc.

Not saying it’s morally right, but then when was this game about morality?

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The hypernet is basically a money burning scheme. Buying your own tickets is not against the rules.

I’ve won stuff on the hypernet, but I only ever buy a ticket or two, never for more than a couple million ISK, and I always consider the money immediately lost.

Then when you do get that 1bil+ BPO for 3 mil ISK its a great surprise, but if it was a BPO I really wanted to own I’d buy it off the market. The hypernet is no way to shop for stuff you need.

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Nothing wrong with buying your own tickets. You can buy 511 out of 512 tickets and still lose.

The people who bought the ticket are not hidden. You can always see your own odds, as well as the odds of other players. If you see a hypernet offer with 4 tickets, and 3 are purchased by the same person who made the offer, you know your odds and their odds, and its your choice whether or not to buy the tickets.

Nothing wrong with that. And if you think Somer or Iwantisk werent doing the same for some of their own offers on their old websites, then ive got a bridge to sell you.

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I’m looking for a timeshare in antartica, could you help?

Do you mind sharing a room with mole-men? If not, I believe the Atlanteans may have a spare bedroom available in their underwater castle, its close enough to Antarctica.

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Abyssal modules are great to buy off the hypernet. Generally you are correct though.

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And you’ll never know if they buy their own tickets with alts.

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