Hypernet Stats

Any feedback on success of Hypernet? Seems a significant majority of items offered do not sell enough slots before time runs out. I’d be very curious as to the success/failure rate as a measure of seller risk.

It would seem there should be a number of useful metrics made available to assist sellers in their efforts.

Ghengis Tia, what kind of missions do you run?

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Her name should be Michelle Verga. She believes it’s normal that the game doesnt tell you when a buyer has no money.

Why do you deserve to know how much ISK someone else has in their wallet?

But it’s not your store.

That’s literally the whole point of why Margin trading exists?

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Going back to the Hypernet, it’d be cool if CCP actually gave us some information. How many raffles were created, how many Hypercores, the various values and items that did/didn’t get raffled (cough, Raven State Issue, cough).

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