Returning Player's Opinion: HyperNet Disappointment

I’m a returning player, been a player on and off since 2008 and I gotta say - while I was excited to come back, I believe this to be the all-time lowest I’ve ever seen EVE at and honestly, it’s quite sad.

Massively Missed Opportunity

I understand this is gambling and honestly, I would be fine with that if CCP didn’t… Well, CCP-ify it.

Instead of being a genuine platform, CCP yet again catered towards the scammers because they are very well aware that doing so will vastly increase the income generated by HyperCores.

Which is sad, it could have been a fun and cool service, a way for people to gamble some money with the chance of getting a juicy reward - while at the same time, being a means for people to sell stuff and make a bigger profit than selling it on the normal market would have.

That idea to me is brilliant, at least for a gambling service, but no, instead they let people buy HyperNodes on their own raffles which to me is some of the most stupid design choices I think I have ever seen.

I am glad to be back, I’ve missed EVE and its community but it’s so, so disheartening to see what CCP has become.


Is the random number selected by a PS1 era 256 item list that can be manipulated or predicted?

Instead of selling the item for 110% and losing the isk cost of the hyper core, they buy half and gamble losing the item at 55% of market value on the thing, or 50% chance to get that 55% for free for another raffle.

Honestly, I prefer the same dude buying the cores vice the alts, as it makes it a bit more obvious.

The only change I would make would be allowing the character to set the node cost vice it being automatically tied to “market value”.
Make the 30 people trying to sell the same ship hull need to compete with each other, vice 30 listings at the same price and random chance putting it on the first page in the hypernet browser.

I agree. Basic statistics is at fault here, along with a general lack of understanding.


This doesn’t actually do anything for them.

In fact, it makes them lose income because it decreases the financial throughput of their raffles, but makes them pay the same amount of taxes.

The only way to increase profits from HyperNet is by increasing the node costs relative to the price of the product being sold.

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It’s a risk/reward thing, yes buying nodes on their own raffles effectively lowers the profit. But they can do this several times over with the same item with fairly low risk. Of course, it’s very random.

The point is, this behaviour should be combated - not encouraged. I mean, 99% of all HyperNet raffles already have 50% of the raffles bought by the person that started it.

The whole point of a raffle is for the person holding the raffle to not be able to participate.

I think this platform would be far superior if that feature was removed, and people instead use it as a means of selling something above average market value. While also giving other capsuleers a chance to win something nice.

i said 30000000002002020200202 times
if they keep the hypercore and take out the taxes hypernet can have a 5% negative expectation (super acceptable )
better for players and for the casino
they did that in a even and t i player AAAAA LOT
the way is now makes hypernet a terrible game that no one should play
but dumb CCP is dumb

btw about buying your own raffle tickets , makes no difference
the problem is that the SHIP is way cheaper in the market because of hyper cores + taxes


Like I said, they literally lose money by gambling on their own prize.

So why not let them do it? It doesn’t affect your expected outcome if you decide to gamble. The only thing that can do that is the ratio of the node price to the value of the item.

they don’t lose
they make the calculation

ship cost 1000
50% of ship cost 500
hypercore + taxes 300
total hypernet cost 1300
buy 50% have 50% chance for free and make money in the long run

probably my calculation is wrong but the mechanic is that

I had thought it was first designed/introduced so that players could buy out of n-space and w-space without docking?

that i dont know
but i know i hosted more than 1000 hypernet raffles
you play for free , and put the costs on the other players
that said , if ccp take out the taxes the game improve by A LOT
because the creator can make the hypernet cheaper , and having a 5% negative expectation its like any other legalized gambling , like vegas and stuff , perfectly fine for those who like gambling like me for example

and them they will say but the isk sink , the winner have to sell the prize anyway because no one needs 1000 paladins , thats the isk sink , the taxes makes the game bad

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I like to buy orca hypernet and am yet to win one.

third try to explain
if you spend 500 isk for 50% chance to win a 1500 isk prize you have positive expectation, its worth to play all your money
but CCP makes the cost of the raffle expensive sooooo the casino (creator) cant afford to make a fair raffle
if you pay 100 isk for 100% chance to get a 95 isk prize you have 5% negative expectation , not good but perfectly acceptable to any gambler
with the actual rullet the best you get is pay 100 isk for 100% chance to win 90 isk , BAD , and even that never happen because in this case the casino have 0% profit

My best hypernet was I won an LSI/2 carrier with like 1 node. This was ages ago XD I got off the hypernet addiction been clean for 6 months feels nice. That thing is sure an ISK trap.

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The chances of any one ticket winning the raffle is exactly the same whether the raffle setter buys none or all of the tickets.

People buy their own tickets to reduce the chance of the raffle not selling out and losing their hypercore deposits

this :+1:

or the change to win the raffle is proportional to how much tickets you buy but the investment is also proportional so the ONLY THING that matter is full price of the raffle VS market price of the prize

  1. Yes, this is true - this is how raffles work by nature - thanks for pointing out the obvious. This is however entirely irrelevant to my complaints.

  2. You’re 100% delusional if you think this is the case, they buy 50% of the tickets because they can do this several times over with the same item. So when/if they do lose the item in the end - they have still made some profit. And if they do lose the raffle, the losses aren’t too bad since they’ll get half the cost in return.

Just won my first hypernet item \o/





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like i said they make the other players pay for the cost of the hypercore + taxes
that said there is no guaranty , i lost 15 50% raffles in a row
the money is made in the very long term and its a EVE job being the casino
the only problem is cost of the hypercore+ taxes being expensive = the game is bad