Hypernet is great

Think I won Eve…after months of struggle hard earning 3.5bil in the bank…I calculated that some 1bil tickets on 50% chance nets me 600mil profit…calculated once, twice, three times, four times…by the fourth I realized my wallet is 2mil isk

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It doesnt have to be great to you, sometimes its great to someone else, untill they realize it doesnt have to be great to them too, or that it was indeed great. Depends how you explain that to yourself.

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Was an interesting experiment…on my third failed raffle I was on the verge of despairing. Then when the fourth one failed and realized I got no isk left, it suddenly changed to a surreal feeling of liberation :slight_smile:

My dude, it sounds like you gambled more than you could afford to lose.

Instead of winning Eve, however, perhaps you should consider stopping to try to accumulate wealth, and instead focus on maximizing your fun per hour.


BTW, you can disable Hypernet. to not use it again. Freedom from Hypernet! :sunglasses:

You can submit a ticket (click here or hit F12 in-game and click “Go to Help Center”) and under the Game Play Support → Game Play → General Questions category request in the Description field that the HyperNet is deactivated in your client. You will have to replicate this process for each one of your accounts.


That’s how raffles work. You were unlucky, but it was always a possibility.

I was looking for hypernet raffles for some quite time. So if you create hypernet offer and buy out 50% of tickets, and other players buys remaining 50% tickets. Regardless if you win it or loose it you gain isk. So essentially anyone participating in such raffles except creator looses. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Well the seller breaks even or slightly profits if he looses the raffle…my guess is that ship manufacturers get to profit anyway ,he’s getting back the market price for the ship if he buys 50% tickets and looses against another player cause they always put the price at some 2x market value so it’s as if he’s sold the ship at market price anyway . The buyer has to risk two to three times the sum at a not-so 50% chance of making that sum profit, after selling the item on the regular market at sell price.

Every ticket a seller buys of their own is lost profit. The seller has no advantage odds wise over buyers. So if you buy 50% of your own tickets you guarantee the loss of 50% of your profit for a 50% chance to get your item back. This means 50% of the time you get your item back and 50% of the time you lose extra hard.

You could buy 100% of your tickets and win the item 100% of the time but lose ISK due to hypercores and taxes. Every ticket you buy from none to all is a sliding scale in the guaranteed loss direction for the seller.

So from a purely math standpoint in order to buy your own tickets and profit you must jack up the price per ticket higher to overcome the long term odds of the losses. The more tickets of your own you want to buy, the higher you must jack up the price per ticket to avoid guaranteed losses.

This is where psychology takes effect:

Technically it should never be profitable to buy your own tickets because like I said, you must raise the price per ticket to overcome the expected loss. People should never desire to buy more expensive tickets. Thus if people actually looked at ticket price relative to item cost they would never choose overinflated raffles and the “seller buying their own ticket” raffles would never work.

However the deciding factor of people buying tickets is instant gratitude. People want to buy in a raffle that is closer to finishing soon rather than one with a better price per ticket relative to item value. Because of this, they prefer buying from a 50% finished rip-off raffle rather than a 5% finished good deal one that they have to wait longer to see the results.


CCP Gambling at it’s best! Lets not allow player sandbox corps do that!

Player corps obviously can’t be trusted. Player raffles were removed once CCP realized they were so profitable that players were selling the ISK and buying cars IRL among other things.

If you want nice things, stop turning everything CCP gives you to play with into RMT.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Hypernet is great!
(for the people who sell)

For buyer’s it’s money down the drain.

But I still keep trying now and then.

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That makes no sense.

Why would you buy your own tickets? It doesn’t change the price of the tickets (not like bidding up your own item in an ebay auction).

For buyers, it’s risking a 50% chance to buy something at maybe 30% or so below market prices. Very risky.

Hypernet :rofl:
I was able to get me a few things on Hypernet for about 30% less of the usual price, like, ships and Skill Injectors. I think I must’ve saved around 200mil isk when I used it over a period of a few weeks.
I found that the strategy that helped me save isk while still buying what I wanted for less was to only bid in 8-node offers and only get into the bid if all the nodes are either unclaimed or 4 or 2 of them is claimed by the owner of the offer.
Nevertheless, Hypernet is to be used with moderation and preferably not at all if you can help it.


I’m so glad CCP shut down the online casinos a couple years ago. I mean who profits from gambling - right?

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@Mr_Epeen @Rekindle

  • CCP shut down the casinos because they were involved in RMT.
  • CCP has not banned raffles. In fact, the “big Isk Loterry” (or whatever it’s called) is frequently advertised right here on the forums.
  • I’m not sure why people think it’s wrong for CCP to profit from players gambling. They found a way to monetize the game that isn’t pay to win, doesn’t affect game balance, and that isn’t anti-consumer or exploitative.

Oh, and long story short, I don’t buy into the argument that merely making something that people can get addicted to is exploitative.

First, the reality of recovery is that it is exceedingly difficult to create environments that are free of drugs. I mean, people will even smuggle drugs into recovery centers, and wider society is even worse. For example, alcohol (my drug of choice) completely permeates my society -gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, billboards, commercials, tv, movies, the fridges of friends and family, and so on. It is impossible for me to get away from it. Thus, it is up to me to stay sober in an environment that offers easy access to my drug of choice and constant reminders of it’s existence.

Now, all of that being said, intentionally trying to target vulnerable individuals is a piece of ■■■■ move (i.e. the dealer showing up to one of my sponsees’ apartment to offer him a free sample, companies advertising to kids, or making kid friendly flavors). However, that is not what’s going on here. Merely making something that some people can get addicted to is not the same thing as intentionally trying to make it more addictive or targeting kids or whatnot. I mean, the average player age for Eve is like 34. So, it’s not exactly like CCP implemented gambling in Club Penguin.

But that’s enough for now. I need to get some work done.


1 . Its making money from gambling.
2. They used to at least have a semblance of a backbone.

But let’s go on and continue to rewrite history. Its vouge these days.

“'In short, this addition to the Eve Online EULA means that as of the launch of Eve Online: Ascension, players will be prohibited from using in game assets and currency, as well as the Eve IP, to take part in or promote gambling services or other games of chance that are operated by third parties.’”

Sure , now you tell me that ccp isn’t a 3rd party so its ok right?


I think a good hypernet snipe makes anyone feel good. My best victorys were 2 carriers and an LSI. I stopped after the carriers never really looked back XD

if you don’t like the hypernet don’t open it?

Yes! Absolutely, because it’s their IP.

Okay, let me put it this way, if a 3rd party was selling unlicensed Eve merchandise that wasn’t available through legitimate means, would you think CCP would be in the wrong for taking legal action against that party and then selling similar merchandise themselves? I certainly wouldn’t, because (and say it with me now) it’s their ■■■■■■■ intellectual property!

Hell, even if the gambling sites weren’t engaged in RMT, it would still be in CCP’s right to make them against the EULA. However, the fact that they were sabotaging the game for money makes me exceptionally glad that CCP took action. And quite frankly, I’m not sure how anyone can feel sympathy for them.

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Hypernet has been pretty interesting, but I have a hard time finding ones with positive EV’s. Especially ones with enough of a positive EV to make the gamble worth it. Sounds like the OP got very unlucky or just miscalculated the risk.