Hypernet relay sale ideas?

i am setting up and alt doing hypernet relays. was wondering if anyone would have ideas or suggestions of what they would like to see hypernet relays of because the quicker the hypernet slots get sold the more isk i make. so open for suggestions

Get rid of hypernet


don’t, hypernet is cancer


A waste of real money and ISK on a feature that’s officially categorized as addiction/illness in most of the civilized World. And it’s the only feature that you can successfully ask GMs to be removed from your game client.

Even if you think that you’re in control if you are the one creating the lotteries - you are not. You are still a gambler, gambling against whether or not all of your tickets will be sold (you make ISK) or not (you lose ISK).

If you are not trolling, prepare to be mostly flamed and/or trolled.


Bring back player casinos.
Player casinos mean casino wars.

Hypernet is literally a Gamba scam.

It’s Official Somer Blink™ blessed by CCP.

It’s purely there to suck ISK out of the game.

Yeah, but also mafia and crime.


lol okay dont think i will do it then thought the community licked it but apparently not

@moderators plz close

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