Will HyperNet Relay Have Its Own Sub-Forum?

Before I spend 5b to set one up with a Titan I’d like to know that it’s going to get proper advertising. I think I’ve read everything about the subject and haven’t seen a mention of this. Thanks!

Doesn’t the Marketplace already cover your need here?


Yes, it does in a general sense. BUT…I would expect a sub-forum specifically for the HyperNet Relay.

I’ve never seen a feature roll out so fast and have so few details available. I guess that was CCP’s intention.

HyperCores© are still not in the SiSi NES.

We might!


I’m betting 9/10.

What is the point of the Hypernet relay?

Will HyperNet Relay Have Its Own Sub-Forum?

Talk about it. I’m not a gambler in RL, and I burned half a bil in less than 30 mins - and it got me thinking of spending MORE -, but then I got my senses back and shut the thing immediately. Petitioned for it to be removed from my UI. Damn, addiction is fast. I don’t even want to remember the damn Hypernet exists, much less look at it.

But hey, somebody is very happy in South Korea.

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Hey Kace, I’ll make you a deal. You can send isk directly to me, and I’ll buy hypernodes for you in a responsible manner, and send you the winnings. Even better, every isk than you send me will get doubled, and I’ll buy twice as many hypernode tickets. :partying_face:

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