Will HyperNet Relay Have Its Own Sub-Forum?

Before I spend 5b to set one up with a Titan I’d like to know that it’s going to get proper advertising. I think I’ve read everything about the subject and haven’t seen a mention of this. Thanks!

Doesn’t the Marketplace already cover your need here?

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Yes, it does in a general sense. BUT…I would expect a sub-forum specifically for the HyperNet Relay.

I’ve never seen a feature roll out so fast and have so few details available. I guess that was CCP’s intention.

HyperCores© are still not in the SiSi NES.

We might!


I’m betting 9/10.

What is the point of the Hypernet relay?

To get people to spend more ISK on items that get ISK out of the game and PLEX in so CCP can squeeze more profit from their existing playerbase by using a gambling mechanic as gambling is popular (albeit unethical) in gaming right now.