TY CCP for the great hypernet relay event but NOW

I loved the event , it was lots of fun , i created a lot of raffles and played a LOT
i was broke in the game , but i have a rich friend who could borrow me 4 bil so i passed the last 3 days 100% hypernet relay dude , i made the money back , paid my friend and I’m kinda up on my feet , TY

now… how about you admit i was right all this time and make this change permanent

you sell a lot of hypercores Captura de Tela 2020-06-02 às 18.36.50
… I’m kinda done with this round and this is my leftover

most people gamble for gambling , because its fun, not for the items, so wen they win the prize they sell it on the market ,making a HUGE isk sink even without the taxes (my friends here in the forum will say its not a isk sink but don’t listen to them, they are mentally challenged )

people who like gambling like me have a great time with a more fair game , and we heat up the economy btw

JUST think about it PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

As someone who does math for a living, I despise Hypernet.


ya i know ms @Destiny_Corrupted … gambling is bad , and the math is bad for the player,
but with a 5% expected loss max is acceptable and its fun
i use to rotate 1 TRILLION isk some months in the i want isk era (doesn’t mean i had this money , i just win, loss , win , loss , rotating )
ATM i have about 600 milion in the wallet but i rotated more than 40 billion this month

its fun for guys like me, its good for the game and with the tax gambling is even worst for the player point of view

NO bs here

and BTW 95% of the raffles i make are low profit 50% 50% baccarat style small ships
by a gambler , for a gambler , i have my audience because i know what i would like to play



wp S3

I wish they would just give us actual casino games already.

Can you imagine mafia-style groups having wars over prime gambling turf while players are playing Space Poker inside Upwell Pleasure Hubs? Now that would be content.


i would love to play baccarat with isk in a big alliance upwell strut :smiley:

or blackjack or poker (not much of a poker guy because is to slow LOL)

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