HiperNet remind suggestion fix

So…i know you know many “gamers” ( which astimation himselfs for smart clowns),scaming in HiperNet with his own create offers to buy many possible hiper nodes,or that mean you not have a chance to win this item,
Is that true?!
Or is created of random principle?!
Why the hell you still you didnt fix ,such ■■■■ “smart gamers clowns” DO NOT buy in his own offer?!!?!?
What you waint for?!
Idea is good,but our human kind always find way to scam you.
You know that very well,and still didnt prefent it CCP team devs.
Look so you are so smart peoples,a what you do!!!.. NOTHING to be prefent!
That mean you are stupid!
I didnt log in from so long time and i didnt know what mean this “HiperNet Relay”…but i fast understnad it,still exist so many sh*t “smart gamers clowns”

the only good fix for hypernet is to remove it from local.

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im a very competent gambler
in the start of hipernet relay i made a topic here complaining and i was faced with cold indifference
since them i used my knowledge of gambling to earn about 8 billion isk profit in hipernet relay and quit
i sugest any people who is thinking about playing hipernet relay to face the fact that is a BAD GAME
its like playing the worst games in a casino
heads and tails is MUCH better
if you really like gambling and want to invest in it i suggest a mix of creating , playing till hit jackpot and quit
there is lot of money to be made creating them but is very tedious and require a lot of isk (thats why i don’t do it anymore )

i sugested to ccp to reduce taxes to make the game more fair to the player , but no one liked the suggestion so …

but OF COURSE it makes people lose money.

It is how it is supposed to work : your are an idiot if you believe you can make money out of gambling.

What an idiot statement. ■■■■■■■ simpleton.


you can
read books by people like David Sklansky for example to learn about it
but like any other endeavor takes discipline and lots of technique and experience

No, those people made money by selling stupid books to idiots.

so i must be the luckiest mof% evurrrrrrr

The only good fix for hypernet is to remove it from the game.


When buying into a hypernet raffle you know what you are paying and what the prize is.

If you want to over pay for said item then thats on you not the person creating the raffle. The person who created the raffle has the same chance to win as any other person buying tickets.

This isnt a scam so please dont try and make out that it is.

yeah…my mistake, im stupid now…is random principle…but though this creator of item if bay more his own nodes,can win with high a chance and they earn ISK from who buy nodes and all rest pilot had low a chance…i did read careful how work HiperNet Relay…
Look CCP team devs. know that and create Hiper Net with smart way…( do not be scamed).
This topic can be delete then.My mistake. Im sorry.
Not need to be fixed.
But this scam way can work with low a chance ,look so.

No they don’t. Buying a ticket from hypernet is a loss, so if he buys his own ticket he is at loss.

even if they buy more than you?!
you know, if buy more ,that mean high a chance.
I know they loss more ISK than other pilots…
“hmm they why they do that?!”( to my self)
I though with this way they not allow you ( other pilots) to have high a chance.

If he buys ten tickets at loss, it makes ten time the loss.

If the maker of the offer wants to make money, he must add his gain to the value of the item, and also the CCP cost.
if he can sell an item 100 isk, and the CCP tax is 5%, and he wants additional 5% margin, that means the total value of the nodes must be 110 isks. So for 10 nodes, it means each node is at loss of 1 isk.
If anyone buys a node, this anyone loses 1 isk. if he buys himself a node, he loses himself 1 isk.
if he buys 5 nodes, he loses 5 isk, so his margin.
if he buys 10 nodes, he loses 10 isk, so the net gain from the offer is -5 isk (the tax from CCP)

The hypernet is designed this way, that people who purchase a ticket do it at loss on average - like any gamble you lose unless you are the casino.

That’s just BS. every ticket has the same chance, unless you prove otherwise.
Just because 100 idiots do a stupid thing, does not make it a clever thing.

i tried to explain what im about to try to explain to my irl friends , mom , dog , parrot , mistress , priest , teacher , and i wasted a lot of time but …
im resilient so lets go again
the only fix possible is lowering the tax to make the raffles , this way the creator CAN make a more fair raffle for the player
DOESN’T MATTER HOW MUCH TICKETS the creator bought OR NOT , the only thing that matter is the price of the full raffle compared to the real price of the item on the market
i made like 500 raffles , i bought 50% of the tickets in all of them , why? so idiots think they have a fair chance , because of course they have 50% change and i have 50% must be fair right? WRONG , the item is overpriced and the profit goes to me
i hope this post is not a complete waste of time

There is no fix, because the mechanism is fine.

yes there is
the fix is lowering the taxes to make the raffle
for more information look at my last post

btw i dont want to argue
i read your post and you are right to
the problem is
even baccarat that is the best game on the casino have negative expectation
but a 5% MAX negative expectation is acceptable , gambling is fun to, i like it , many people do
the problem with the big tax is that the maker of the raffle (the casino) cant put his profit and offer a 5% max negative expectation for the player , so the game SUCK
thats why i like to gamble and don’t play hipernet

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