Suggestion for HiperNet for at least 1 offer to be win 100 %

Hello CCP team devs…
You should think about how to 1 win of 100 % HiperNet Relay offer if someone lose for an axample 30,or 50 offers.
This gamble feature is not so good.
Try to programing again HiperNet with this way.
More losed offers,at least 1 win offer of 100%.
I dont know how you will do it,but please try out


No. There shouldn’t be any dumb pity win mechanic.

People would abuse it by making Hypernet offers, failing them, and then using their pity win to guarantee a win on a high value offer.


If you buy all the tickets, you have a 100% chance of winning?



Also, delete the entire F2P cash shop gambling mechanic and this problem goes away.


heh :slight_smile: well…you think im such person? !:slight_smile: i never had problem with gamble in my real life,its just game…

[quote=“Nepsy, post:4, topic:240727, full:true”]
If you buy all the tickets, you have a 100% chance of winning?

yes…but is expensive

"dumb,“pity” why would be?!
its just a chance…you anyway lose so many offers…maybe you are dumb or pity?!:slight_smile:

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Just stop being poor then!
In all seriousness, if i bought my alt’s 50 1 isk tickets does that mean I should win the next titan/AT ship that appears on hypernet for a measly 100m? It’s easily exploitable.

Ok yoda.

There’s an awful lot of … in these posts.

What is … a lot?

I mean literally the “…”.

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:laughing: … I know.

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