Option to HIDE (*REMOVE*) Hypernet from UI

OK, bear with me as this takes a bit of explaining.

I decided to play with Hypernet for the first time yesterday. It felt innocuous. It was an alt, only cost a few thousand ISK and I won one out of four, so it felt good. Today I spent half a billion in thirty minutes. It doesn’t matter if I won something or not - I did win one of them -, but I AM SCARED! What if I’m developing an addiction? It feels like I’m learning something very dark about myself. Can you NOT imagine people buying PLEX to sell it on the market to keep on betting? Because I can see that clearly and it’s some scaring ■■■■.

Hypernet is literally TWO clicks away at any time. It takes an additional 1-2 click(s) to make a bet (that’s what a raffle actually is, a betting system), and while a petition for CCP to remove it is an option, that takes time. Like, what is the average answer time of a petition these days? Two ■■■■■■■ weeks?

Addicts buying hyper nodes - or whatever its name is - and PLEX to bet in-game might be profitable for your Korean owners, but it’s freaking me out how fast I burned half a bil, and you know children DO play this game. People who already suffer from addictions of all kinds DO play this game. I’m not a SJW or a white-knight. I am an ordinary guy who spent half a bil in some thirty minutes and caught himself thinking of spending more, and then realizing how ■■■■■■ up this way of thinking is and how fast it developed.

Give us the option to REMOVE it completely from the UI (and HIDE the button deep in the options menu so we don’t even get to see the unhide option) because I sure as ■■■■ want to forget this thing even exists. For my own sake.

Gambling addiction is ■■■■■■ up. CCP wants to go full Korean, their “choice”, but let us HIDE that monstrosity.

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Any of these solutions will work while you wait for CCP to implement your fix:
A) Do not click Hypernet
B) Spend all your money
C) Sell your character
D) Remap for Willpower
E) Uninstall EVE

Submit a support ticket and it’ll be removed by the GMs.

Nvm. Not worth it.

I know about the petition thing, but what I’m proposing is an option in-game to hide the thing; petitions are taking weeks right now, and I’d rather have the thing gone for good immediately.

This whole thing is sad as ■■■■. They banned gambling from outside sources just to institute their own? For ■■■■’s sake. The pride of Iceland, indeed.

Make a list of things you don’t like here, so CCP can take them out of the game

Gambling and you.

That sounds like the title of a book you should read

Damn. I thought this community had some standards for posting valuable replies. If you’re just going to be toxic, don’t bother posting.

I support you OP

It never has.
You’re an idiot if you ever thought this.

Also if he thinks this thread is toxic, then the Internet has been very good to him

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