No gambling and microtransactions in EVE. Jita monument needs some love

If community will allow this type of gambling. Nothing will stop CCP in future.

Golden ammo, Invulnerability timers soon in NES.


I think it’s great. Watching CCP floundering as they try to develop a predatory gambling system. CCP, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Also in before locked.

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The thing with the monument happened at a time where EVE was populated by players that still cared about the game. Not going to happen anymore.


I will surprise you. There are still players that care about game.


Yeah sure, if you say so


Give up, sell up, keep one account going (with your accumulated wealth - plex) so you can watch it all crash and burn :dizzy::boom:

Not really though, rip :hear_no_evil:

Populated by a lot of players.

At least 2 to 3 times more than the current amount.

The last vestige of bitter vets remain, if ccp is going to survive longer it may be through microtransactions and a new breed that want to pay for advantages, all honesty the super blocks do have this game locked down because of years on any new folks incoming.

The game has stagnanted because of super blocks and the control they have over all aspects of the game and while I am not placing the blame entirely on super blocks they are the 1% of the game and the peasants below can’t even have a structure in high sec as the super blocks are starting to move into high sec too leaving less for the peasants so what can be done when the 1% and their apologest don’t allow any movement.


Not a matter of allowing or not, I’m afraid…community has no control…jita riot days are past.

PA doesn’t need subscribers to EvE at all, it’s just nice for them to have EvE bringing in extra money. imo PA bought ccp for their established permissions and connections for doing business in the potentially lucrative Chinese gaming market, not for EvE.

We have no power here. Enjoy the ride or get off of the horse are our only options.

Then why they make year long bullish about player retention and waste resources (money) on changing NPE, when they planed this last milking journey for EVE?

Community has all control. But main problem is that community seams to not care.


I don’t think it’s necessarily the last part of EvE’s journey…just that there has been a massive paradigm shift for EvE players the moment ccp sold to PA…EvE is no longer the main income of it’s parent company but rather an extra and non-critical income source. The why retention stuff is why not keep the extra income source going. We can probably expect EvE to get more “milky”.

Well…we disagree on that, then. o7


Considering how much the community freaked out from the removal of gambling from the game, I’m guessing this will be the single largest income generator CCP has come up with yet. Far more income than even subs and PLEX sales.

As for whether it’s morally right. Well…it’s a video game based on being dicks to each other, innit? Morals are moot in this instance.

Well lad, long time. Tried messaging but didn’t know how. Hope all is well

Hey buddy, have you on steam but it shows you’re not about for 4 years now. You got a discord or something? I uninstalled eve only yesterday to install something else so I can’t read your mail.

Game is PA’s milkcow for now until the end.

Hellmar and co. got their money’s worth (hardly imo … ).

Leave or stay, nothing matters much anymore.

Stands to reason how sustainable that will be. The inpatient crowd that favors pay for advantages (a.k.a. p2w) isn’t really known for staying around with the same game.

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Instead of Burn Jita, how about, Mine the Market. By that, I mean sell every type of ore for 1 isk per unit in the market hubs. How people get the ore is another thing (mine it, steal it, buy/sell it etc). Make the basics of Eve completely worthless

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Things like they do actually will produce income for CCP and this is what is needed most…

The alternative would be a closed server,so either that “gambling(which is no gambling at all)” or the end of eve…

The end will not come through hyper net going live,it will come through YOU trying to deny it and CCP giving in to your pity demands…

You can choose…

And yes…it’s THAT serious…

Another alternative is that nobody goes for it (or at least, a low enough % of people to make it viable for CCP). Not going for it won’t kill Eve, not by a long shot. I’m not sure about your reasoning about denying hypernet killing Eve though? That sounds awfully made up. Care to evidence your claim?