Player Owned Assets

My intention was simply to ask : “Why can’t we own our assets?”, and “Would CCP consider a new business model?”. Why shouldn’t our efforts profit us, IRL. It would be better for everyone, CCP included.

I’m aware of what Distributed ledgers are, and imo would be a great mechanism to this end.
Lo Koval, thanks for the reply to my previous, now closed, post.

If CCP would adopt a new system, the draw to new and current players would far exceed the current state of affairs, IMO. Of course i know and understand that they have complete control ATM.

We all know how “Let them eat cake” ended.


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Your posts all read like “I’m an RMTer who sees more opportunities”.


Im talking about putting EVE on a blockchain, so that we can own our stuffs; buy , sell, trade. Presto, real life gains.

So RMT. That’s dumb.


More like a chpping block.

Its not RMTing. Players would own their assets, and be able to monetize their efforts; just like we do IRL. All your in-game actions could have real world implications… Do you go to work and not expect a paycheck?


Eve is a Video Game. Not real life. I don’t play eve to own things IRL, I play eve to have fun and avoid IRL. I know CCP is trying to bring IRL to eve with NFTs and its awful. Leave IRL out of video games besides the method of purchasing in game items with IRL cash.


So if you, and not CCP, own your assets, what would happen if, for example, CCP has to shutter the servers because they’re no longer solvent as a company? Or as a somewhat lighter example, what if they have to do a rollback? Or what if they have to ban a player for cheating?

I don’t think you’re thinking this through.

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He’s not interested in logic or reason. He has a goal (RMT) and will use any and all lies and skewed “logic” to try and convince people it’s fine.

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Before EverSpace or Elite Dangerous implements my ship in their games putting assets on a blockchain is pointless and a waste. It’s only good and beneficial when more than once resource uses the same items. So until more companies do crossover IP’s CCP could rather do it internally if they really wanted us to own our things, which they don’t really atm since that keeps us paying to access it.

But CCP has been looking into that very thing over 10 years ago but it never took off so we surely will have to keep waiting.

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If they ban a player for cheating he deserves to have his assets removed. That’s what you get for cheating in a video game.

If the servers shutter or reset then so be it.
I play plenty of games such as Bannerlords where I restart fresh. Lose all my progress and my items even tho i spent countless hours playing on that save. That is apart of video games. They are not IRL assets. They are pixels and should stay as such.

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Yes, but my whole point is that it’s only possible for things to be this way when players don’t own their assets. If they do own their assets, then they’re entitled to compensation (even despite cheating), based on the laws of pretty much every country out there. It would be a legal nightmare.

Why would we be entitled to compensation?
This is a video game. We play these for fun, not to make money. You want to make money you stream games you play for other peoples entertainment.

This idea of owning IRL our assets is awful and has no place in video games

Everything was so much simpler when a computer game was just that, a computer game. RMT is a scourge and needs to be fought against, NFT’s the same.

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You know you want to own that Veldspar. J/K

How did I miss that? Do you have links to dev notes or videos from Eve Fanfest maybe? I’d love more information on the subject. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

If you are going afk or prospecting in Eve IP buy Plex for ISK, it is protected under numerous laws in both the EU, Iceland & most importantly the UK where the Eve server is. Unfulfilled subscription time is your best hedge for real $ value in Eve IP.

how would you suppose people “monetize their efforts” using a blockchain? Any examples?

You are playing a Videogame. Nobody outside of Eve cares about you “Space Pixels”

You and Destiny are both in agreement. Destiny is also arguing against the OP’s proposal. Destiny’s initial post was directed to the OP, pointing out one of the many flaws in his idea.

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For the same reason that you can’t move your Pacman score to Pockemon. It completely dilutes the value of in-game achievements.

This is a computer game and time spent in a game is supposed to be wasted. If you want to earn money, get a job