Player Owned Assets

True that, I’d be happy to really own that Veld haha :wink:

As for the info, it was a event CCP held for investors I believe, not fully sure exactly was all was about as I was only asked if I was ok with me being used as an example in their presentation. My assumption is that it didn’t take off or generate interest since nothing happened since then. I saw the presentation and it was basically talking exactly about “what if a player could truly own their assets” and the “assuming Chribba owned his ship and people could buy it knowing it was his” etc.


Thanks. I’ve looked but haven’t found anything yet.

It would have to put more money in their pockets than the current model for CCP to give up that control.

Do you really want to pay taxes for your Veldnaught? I bet it’s quite valuable

What if someone ganks it? Can you now sue them because they destroyed your property?

We should not forget that this is supposed to be a game. And if you suddenly make this game objects RL valuables that are owned and can be traded on third-party markets it completely changes the dynamic of all of it. In my opinion it will seize to be the game we know.

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I actually had Dr. Who mixed up with Dr. Strange. I don’t watch BBC or read comic books.

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