Hey Hilmar, this is important!

This is something you desperately need to see.

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That is like, just your opinion man. Eve’s audience is +36yr old, eve is old bring on the real stakes fights.

Let’s have a full server restart first, fantasy football and your weekly poker game meets spaceships online.

Watch the video.

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Do we win a free NFT if we do?

You do realise participation is optional, right?

If you’re on Steam, did you give all your steam items away or are you still collecting and hoarding, trading them perhaps??

I am not interested in digital baseball cards but I would like to take your cash and sell my isk, titans, Plex & other game assets that I obtained fairly.

Hope Hilmar gives me the nod soon, these titans are burning a hole in my pocket.


The important question is does it count as stealing according to real-life court if we scam out NFTs out of people through in-game means in Jita local? :thinking:


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If you watch the video you’ll understand why your comparison to steam inventory is irrelevant. Its only relevant in that it preforms the same actions, quite well I might add, without involving a blockchain.

It is the same concept, purpose and in practice. The only difference is it breaks you free from a walled garden of Valve’s market, Valve’s store credit Steam Wallet and Valve’s storing platform and allows global scope.

Technical implementation changes (for the better), it strenghtens and liberates it.

Eve has been in the non fungible item game since 19 July 2013.

You’re late to the party.

Quod erat demonstrandum

Except, it doesn’t actually do any of that. The “item” itself cannot be contained within the nft. Where does it actually exist? How do you then enforce your ownership? How is it portable/usable outside of its original environment? How is it useful? The answer to that last one is that it simply isn’t. It’s conceptually garbage, and in practice its basically fraud. At its absolute best its a “solution” in search of a problem. The issue is anything it could ever hope to be applied to has already been solved, better.

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It is a tradable non-fungible item on a walled garden market and trading platform, the only difference is vendor and technical implementation.

Horse has bolted, you’re late shutting the stable door.

The horse is diseased. ■■■■ the door.

You think you know what’s happening, but you don’t have a clue. Watch the video.

In b4 you claim “I don’t have any Steam non fungible items and don’t use Steam”… ahh so the rest of the world has to be like you just because… bitterness and hate?

I’ve got tons of ■■■■ on steam. How would that be relevant? NFTs specifically are a scam. Period.

So sitting it out should be easy for you… oh… you collect non fungible items only on Steam, that’s ok though.

Your ignorance is a single click away from being cured.

Look at all these juicy non-fungible items tradable on Steam!



They look juicy, more please.

Collecting Eve non-fungible tradable items since 19 July 2013.

Oooh look, a “market” with PRICES! (Store credit via STEAM WALLET!)

Source: Steam Community Market :: Showing results for: "eve online"

That and more legal action is DEFINITELY coming with NFTs and PTE. :unamused:

The biggest difference between steam inventory and an nft is that the nft doesn’t actually do anything. It doesn’t contain the code for the item. It doesn’t actually entitle you to anything. It can’t be attached in any meaningful way to your item. Its a complete scam. Go ahead buy into it, I only care because this cancerous ■■■■■■■■ is impacting our game. You should watch the video though, for real. Because you actually don’t get it, and it will help you.

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Looks like your whole defence is based on bitterness.

Sit it out on the bench looking grumpy. We can all wave and cheer as we pass.