Thanks CCP for giving a friend of mine a gambling addiction

He is converting real life money into PLEX to gamble it, surely there must be regulation against this considering he’s basically gambling real life money, probably working as intended this hyper net relay right?

In court this would not hold up.


Must be difficult in the real world where everything is a gamble

He cant legally extract it again as actual money though, so he’s already lost his RL currency by default.

Having an addiction is the thrill of it, not the matter of winning money.

You think he has it bad?

I had to pawn off gammy’s ashes to replace my Aeon after getting my SRP request denied because one of the modules I used was Dark Blood instead of True Sansha.


Then people who buy PLEX to fund their PvP ships or PvE wormhole diving are also gambling.

he should stop blaming others for his problem

how on earth does he wipe his bum or blow his nose?

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Its working for CCP, that have to be said.

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we should stop everybody else’s fun and liberty because he has a problem

IMMEDIATELY! (no delayed gratification here brah)

It’s no laughing matter, it destroys lives.

Honestly hypernet is a bad mechanic and shouldn’t be in the game. It is gambling and the pseudo separation from RL currency is razor thin on if it would stand in court.


so don’t do it

so don’t use it

look forward to seeing your court filing papers

who’s ya nanny?

You’re a bit brain cell dead aren’t you… clearly have no clue what addiction is.


you clearly have no clue what life is and self-responsibility is

PLEX is bad, Bitcoin good

We’re all not perfect like you Zoiie. Very thin line, and I expect CCP to have many lost court cases because of it.

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you expect much

Lifts shirt to scratch own tummy and finding something what appears to look like belly button lint.
Excited and motivated proceeds to place fluff on desk before typing and asking “What are the odds?”

odds are 5/1 favorite on the nose, sure winner

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