Thanks CCP for giving a friend of mine a gambling addiction

Dont waste time with someone not informed enough to understand why gambling addictions are not a personal choice.
The science has been widely available for years for people to educate themselves at this point. Anyone not knowing is either wilfully ignorant or downright abusive in taking advantage of others.


and now… a picture of a skipping horse


This issue is certainly going to back fire on CCP. Headlines of the gamer review websites “EvE online introduces more risk and implements a gambling feature that can empty your bank accounts”

ya know, gambling is not illegal :slight_smile: in fact it’s tax benefitial in many places for the winner

Hope he dun have stocks and currencies, that’s a gamble too, in fact picking a bank for your savings is also a gamble

You’re mistaken. It’s illegal in many countries where safeguards are not put in place to protect people. You also have to be over 18 in some countries.

Not this one, tadaaa!

go call yer nanny to have him put him into captivity

Please thank him for helping to keep CCP’s lights on for a while longer…

I hope the next post is you sharing a link to your court filing

I await the details

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Tell him to take CCP to court.
It’s expensive and might not pay off, but odds are he could win big


gaming is an addition, we need to banish all games

this is why we need mandatory military service yo

< insert standard Deer Hunter’s Russian Roulette picture here >

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Its only a gamble to join the army in some countries to be fair.

reference “life is a gamble”

Being born is a gamble

I don’t know about gambling, but I do know that trolls are supposed to be amusing.

you missed the skipping horse?

here it is Thanks CCP for giving a friend of mine a gambling addiction

I get mad a ccp for things sometime but this some beyond low of you. You should not come here tossing stones. Find a more suitable place to vent your frustration.

You are going to get flamed into the stone ages for the .3 minutes this is unlocked.

Burn Jita when?

I hardly believe that CCP pay taxes on the gambling they implemented. I also don’t see any of the warning signs or age restrictions that usually come with gambling.

That is easy for you to say. But a person with a gambling addiction can’t control that anymore. That’s like telling a paralyzed person to “just use your legs, how hard can it be?”

I seriously hope it will bite them in the ass one day. I find it extremely tasteless and completely unnecessary they added this feature. It has absolutely nothing to do with EVE and everything with just sticking an additional monetization vector into an established product to milk the addicts. It’s just disgusting and they should be ashamed.


Very well put. 100% agree. I’m a little ashamed to play this game with this feature that preys on the vulnerable addicts.


all games should be banned by royal decree