Hypernet Tavern

Hypernet Tavern is a brand new Hypernet Advertising Channel.

We offer an unique hypernet promoting service, which will make your very expensive hypernet seen all around New Eden. With alts in every major trading hub, be it npc or player owned, they are ready to make your hypernet visible for a large amount of players.

Come join our channel and check out our unique hyper promoting service.

Yes, promote gambling. We welcome minors the most, by the way. If you have a problem decoding your moms credit card info, just tell us the numbers and we will help you with your purchase of ISK.

over reacting a bit, arent we ?

Not according to this guy.

Okay, I’m not making any accusations towards you, but I got a story to tell. Hear me out.

When the hypernet relay was first announced, players went off on the devs talking about how it’s evil and exploitative, and going to turn people into gamblers. Now, I do not have a gambling addiction, but I am a recovering alcoholic. So, I have plenty of experience with addiction and recovery. And, I had some thoughts about the whole Hypernet thing -which I put into a video. I won’t make you watch it, so here’s a super brief TL:DR:

First, I defend the hypernet relay and CCP from accusations that it’s exploitative. Second, I spent a while talking about my experiences with addiction and recovery. Third, I advertised that I started a discord (Drop the Rokh) for people in recovery, and for people who think they might have a problem with addiction of any kind.

I then went back to the hypernet relay feedback thread, and posted about the video and Drop the Rokh, and… no one gave a flying ■■■■. No likes, and the only reply I got was from a guy who told me I should go to Jita to see the hyperspam. Now, I know it took me a while to post, and the discussion had died down quite a bit by then. But I do want to point out that that comment -the one telling me about the hyperspam- had already managed to pick up two likes by the time I saw it.

I’m sure that there are people who are genuinely concerned for the mental health and well-being of others. You might be one of them. The guy who’s friend is addicted is probably one of them. But it’s clear to me that the vast majority of people complaining about the potential for self-destructive behavior and gambling addiction don’t give a ■■■■ about people. They were more invested in being angry at CCP. And as soon as someone with some actual experience on the subject disagreed with them, their only response was to either ignore it, or move the goal post so they could keep being angry.

And with that, I think I’ve had enough Eve forums for the day.

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Most Hypernets are rigged scams. Only idiots with ISK to throw away would use it. Simple as that…

Okay, so this looks like its gonna turn into something political or pc or whatever. Let me make some things clear.
I am not forcing anybody to gamble, most of the guys that are in my channel use it to advertise their already made hyper.
If a person wants to gamble they will gamble, so please dont blame eve or ccp for people being addicts (a paternal figure brought my family close to ruin when i was younger, all sorted out )
Please stop being snowflakes. You are trying to be shielded from everything, everywhere, you see something you dont like you automaticaly start complaining.
Not most hypers are rigged scams. yes there are certain channels that do that and push their merchandise(been banned from that channel, and i wasnt even advertising my own chat to begin with), but i am trying to keep it as fair as possible while making a profit.
At the end of the day it is a game, lets remember that, so less real life more eve in here please.

People dont like long-winded replies that require effort to get into. They like short, sound-bytes and minimal effort quotes. Its the very reason for the existance of Tl;dr.

Or they may have genuinely just missed your post entirely. I think its possible to care about something but not give a like.

I usually only give a like as a response to someone who liked me back, because, you know, Im a nice guy and all, as well as liking things that i really really really liked. But ill give you a like too.

Life isnt about Likes, though. Its about how well youve impacted other peoples lives. But generally, I think people will say “omg so sad” but not really care about it too much because it doesnt impact their life, and they have to work like that otherwise they wont be able to function.

Imagine being greif-stricken over every single death that ever occurs in your country, as if it were your own father or Childs death. You wouldnt be able to function. You couldnt do anything. The emotional distancing is necessary for us to function as a human being.

Sounds like a guy who has never been addicted to anything in his life.

I have beat a gambling addiction, and i am also a smoker.

Dunno, sounds like you may have relapsed.




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