Here is what CCP does not understand about NFTs

So CCP recently tried to cash in on the whole NFT hype. But apparently no one actually cared and they made a whooping $35 from the stunt.

It’s pretty obvious that they expected this to go differently. In a last desperate attempt to get people to trade their NFT killmails they even started a raffle where the winners should have been announced in the first week of January, but it seems at this point in time they have already forgotten about it or just try to ignore it out of embarrassment.

How come this did not work? People seem to pay thousands of dollars for ape pictures, how come no one cares about NFT’s from an actual game event in EVE? Why don’t people see value in it?

Here is how this is actually done with other NFTs, so listen closely Hilmar:

  1. You mint the NFT
  2. You sell it for an unreasonable amount, lets say $100 to yourself. You still have $100 but now also an NFT the market place says is worth $100
  3. you repeat (2) a couple of times to make it look like there is demand, maybe even increase the price to make it look like it appreciates in value
  4. You wait for a gullible idiot that has the expectation that it will continue to appreciate in value to buy it
  5. Profit

What? Did you think they had actual value and this would actually work without possibly illegal practices to pump the price? LOL

I bet other game companies are actually reckless enough to implement that strategy to get their NFTs sold. And yes that was actually a compliment to CCP, at least they did not try to cheat, even though they fell for the hype.


I would have figured you for a guy that would think NFTs were valuable, somehow.

You may be confused because I often speak in favor of Bitcoin. That doesn’t mean I support other “crypto” projects or outright scams or think they have any merit. There is a huge difference how this things came into existence and what the philosophy behind them is.


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