[Yes or No Thread] Would you buy crypto from CCP?

If CCP develops offerings on the blockchain, do you think you would be willing to get involved in it?

If the answer is yes, what sort of offerings would you be interested in, and why?

If the answer is no, then why not?

(please keep everything friendly and civil, and with plenty of hearts)


I would definitely be interested in purchasing some Alliance Tournament ship NFTs.



CCP scams people enough as it is. But just for the sake of seeing CCP devolve to even lower standards, I would be EXTREMELY interested in CCP’s blockchain offerings. Anything is fine.



It will be your retainment fund. Don’t complain!


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:sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Also…Why no poll?

  • cuz suck it up, buttercup
  • nunya
  • grief over AT ships too distracting

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No, and they’d probably lose me as a customer. If they want to support GPUs for mining rather than GPUs for gaming, well, bye :wave:


No, but it has nothing to do with CCP, i just wouldn’t buy crypto or NFT’s as a whole


What he said.

No. Not because of CCP, but because no crypto is a real investment. It is gambling/ponzi scheme by another name.


^^^ What he said… ponzi. ^^^

No, because anyone dumb enough to invest in digital assets ends up owning exactly what he invested in - bits of zeroes.

Also, I see we’re now into “Raging Tantrum, Crouching Whiner: Part V”. OP really needs his bottle, he’s getting quite cranky.


Well, I dont trust in real money, no reason to trust that unreal stuff. Doesnt matter if its ABC, CCP or XYZ…

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As annoying as you are, your tears are delicious.

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No. In fact HELL NO!

I don’t trust cryptocurrencies to start with, and CCP would be certain to make a complete b*****ks of the whole affair.


I’m a big fan of decentralization and Bitcoin and pretty bipolar about crypto (alternating a bit between “it’s all a scam” and “maybe it has some use” every other week).

However, I don’t see a use for crypto in EVE (except maybe as payment option). They basically introduced pay2win mechanics (PLEX) as a necessary evil to fight third-party markets (gold sellers) because of what a diluting effect such markets have on the nature or the game. The whole purpose of the “web 3.0” or crypto in gaming is IMHO to enable self-custody of digital assets and with it enabling third-party markets.

But we are talking about CCP here. And they seem to have this type of managers that used to maybe work in tech, but lost base at some point and now in an attempt to stay relevant they just jump on every hype that comes along because it could be “the next big thing”. So they will probably introduce it anyway…

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hell no.


Raging Tantrum, Crouching Whiner” indeed!
Made me laugh out loud, on a day when my back hurts like ■■■■. Thank you!


Well, maybe, but perhaps we should compare them to the realistic alternative, rather than to a theoretical ideal.

BUT it seems to me that this thread is steering danger close to politics when you start bashing Iceland.

Iceland’s alleged sketchy finances seem the merest of peccadillos when compared to what certain other governments have done. Ahem.

I would, eve is a fun game. I would try it out and toy around with it.

After that i would sell retirement plans in Jita 4-4.

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