Blockchain folly

Good luck, @CCP_Hellmar. This obsession of yours persists beyond everyone else in the world realizing things needlessly tied to blockchain are almost universally untrustworthy at best. Ask literally anyone that isn’t currently bag holding an nft. Your willingness to pervert the eve universe with this folly is not surprising though. Hopefully you manage not to destroy EVE further with this your newest mistake. Enjoy the $40m though.


They want to make more than $40M on players. Probably will promise some sort of “fantastic gains” and questionable model of gameplay based on a ponzi scheme.

This is how it ends


$50 says Hilmar has Crystal Pepsi and green ketchup in his fridge at home…


There is a storm coming.

And I thought that the Eve Echoes announcement of “we’re adding botting to the game” was bad.

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It will be a separate game, so it can live or die on its own merits. CCP may have been too early with VR games when the hardware was rare and expensive, and now too late to make a quick buck using the Blockchain buzzword.

A central SQL database seems so much more efficient than the blockchain method of registering and tracking ownership of unique items. (For a game that will be controlled by a single company.)

This has been my point from the very first utterance of using blockchain for ■■■■ it wasnt intended for. The things you are trying to accomplish are already done, and better, by existing solutions. ■■■■■■■ why??


can I have your stuff?

40M is maybe a half of an AAA game? I’d be interested to hear where the rest of it comes from.

From selling ape pictures.

Maybe they will go EVE themed and sell fedo pictures as NFTs. :upside_down_face:


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That is all, or alternatively, from EVE players, like usual.
I dont think it will be an AAA game at all also.

Maybe CCP was sort of “contracted” by those investors to make a game along their (investors) idea, and with CCP having some sort of reputation, they choose it. CCP may have been so money desperate that they accepted.

CCP added gambling to the game, when majority of people didnt wanted it, also because CCP smelled ISK.

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