Confirmation from CCP about interview contant

I would like the CSM to ask CCP to comment on this article translated on reddit:

In it, among other things, is this paragarf:

He states that they received positive feedback about NFT from the community base so far.
(Interviewer) : Enormous players exist in the EVE Online Universe. How do you see the for and against within the community ? Let me know what kinds of reaction you got from both communities as well.
(Sæmi) : To be honest, I feel player base has accepted this experiment without much objections, probably because EVE has already sharing a lot of core factors with blockchains and cryptography.

I would be interested in:

  • Is this translation correct, did they realy said this?
  • Why does CCP only communicate with news sheets and not with the commuinty?
  • If the translation is correct, how does CCP come up with these statements?
  • How does CCP see its closeness to the comminuty?
  • Do the wishes of the customers(!) have any influence on the behaviour of the company?

Since the ordinary customers are basically ignored, the CSM may have more success in getting answers. Because at the moment the community only reads one thing in this article: The absolute ignoring of the players, actions completely advers to what is desired and in addition direct lies about feedback and behaviour of the players.

Thank you.


I would like to know what substances Saemi is taking to come to the conclusion that EVE players have accepted CCP’s NFT waste without much objection. There is not a single player to my knowledge that has said anything positive about the NFT plans.


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I will be asking all of these questions the next time we get in front of this team, but we aren’t able to tell you what their response is unless they agree, so just be prepared.


CCP uses reddit and misc podcasts that are “unofficial” sources to allow plausible deniability. it is rare to see much information sharing on “official” sources like forums, our launchpad splash screen. And then, they are usually vague and incomplete. it would be nice to have an "official’ source for actual interaction with the playerbbase. there are thousiands of us, but apparently the few that post on reddit are considered as our opinions

thx Brisc, I know you cant say anything, but may you can… yeah, I don’t know, suggest a more direct communication, I’m not the only one who feels left alone here.

You mean like this forum were we get also ignort by CCP ?

I am an OP of this thread.
First of all, as such I stated at the beginning of the post , please refer to the original post for the accuracy of its content.

I don’t assure the accuracy of the translation in any degree. There might be some typo. To get more details and accurate info, read the original post by yourself.

And with taking it into account, read my follow up comments.

The content posted in reddit is translated twice from original CCP answer in their mail interview. And news subscribers can not directly check what CCP would have said in their mail. Please consider the possibilities “the answer from CCP” is already modified by the author on its realease ( Author said he translated the answer in the interview as much as accurate though ).

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Just gonna… leave this reminder… a little historical perspective… and the spark that set it off…

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Looking at the comments, I bet that Saemi also only sees positive opinions about NFT games and the PTE scheme. Isn’t that right?

That’s what whistleblowing is for. And a company that lies about almost anything these days (player numbers, player feedback, feature quality, feature promises, feature development, etc), they can’t logically expect the CSM to stay silent if CCP lets the CSM in on more of their lunacies. But of course they will request such a thing that goes against anything they do themselves.


Well, let me be clear, I am adamantly opposed to NFT’s in Eve (and in gaming), and I certainly feel like more are against them than for. However, there have been some threads from people advocating for NFT’s in Eve. Moreover, I have no doubt that there are plenty of pro-P2E players that would suddenly become quite interested in Eve if it were to move in that direction. So, there is at least some support.

And while we’re at it, I think that Hilmar perceived there being little objection because a lot of people just didn’t know what to to think of them. After all, I’ve heard several people ask what NFT’s were over the past couple of months. So, I think the lack of an immediate backlash was due to many people simply not understanding the concept, or the implications. However, we seem to be seeing reservations turn to contempt as players learn what all of this is about.

I hate to be ‘that person’ but as no one else as mentioned it yet - a brief reminder that ALL of your EvE pretties are ‘non-fungible’ except to the extent that CCP allows for secondary market trading, etc.

That is to say, if EvE shut down tomorrow, not only do you ‘lose’ all those pretties, you have no actual path for redress (no precedent is established for you, in fact, there is existing precedent to kick you out of court to mandatory, binding arbitration - conveniently not impactful upon greater commercial or consumer protection law).

To be clear, I have no opinion at the moment on NFTs as additional revenue stream for the game, but we all know that PLEX sells like hotcakes (generally speaking), so I can definitely see how/why CCP is interested.

If they can find a way to make more revenue, that’s good.
If they do it at the expense of new player experience or overall game quality, that’s bad.

It will be interesting to see how this flies, or if it dies.


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