CSM's Postion on the ESI

I recently made a post in the Third Party Developer forum about the state of the ESI (EVE API for third-party developers), and I’d be curious to hear what the CSM’s position on this is.

Have these issues been raised by the CSM to CCP (I know Steve did when he was on CSM back in the day, but it’s been quite a while)? If so, can you comment on their response or their position on the matter?

Personally, I don’t see why this is not a bigger deal for all players; a lot of major alliances would have a really hard time if their ESI-based tools ceased to function, and the way things are trending, that might not be too long from now.


I have been on four CSMs, and on each of them we have begged, pleaded, cajoled, and the like to make sure the ESI works and issues with it are fixed promptly. It is a constant point that Ken, Innominate, Steve and others have nagged CCP about over the years, and it’s still going on today.

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We appreciate that, because I’m sure that without it, it would be even worse.

What’s CCP’s general response to the pleading though? Do they have any reason/excuse for it being in such shitty condition?

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All that’s covered by the NDA, unfortunately.

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