As a old player, i noticed a sudden shift of the way CCP does things. It reminds me of my sister who, when she was 14, she was put on anti-depressants and stole the family jeep and drove to the park to sit on a swing for 2 hours.

My question is: How does the CSM work in todays CCP realm? It seems like CCP is adding things to EvE and CSM have no prior knowledge of or were never told. Everytime i try to say ‘‘we should make titans do this’’ or ‘‘cloaky counters’’ CCP/GM’s always tell me: ‘‘What a great idea, but we cant do that! Please talk to the CSM for this GREAT idea!’’

Just intrested. TY

They don’t tell us about everything, no. Some teams talk to us more than others. Talos, for example talk to us a great deal.

As for changes from our side, we do advocate for some, but that’s a very very very minor part of the CSM. It’s rare anything significant comes from it.

Have you ever tried Cloaking nerfs before?

It’s one of the topics of discussion which has come up on a reasonably regular basis, over my time on the CSM.

To be clear, most of the time it’s not to do with CCP disliking an idea. It’s more to do with development time, and CCP resources.

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As CSM, have you noticed a shift of DEV choices since Peral abyss has taken ccp ?

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Nope. At least, nothing which can be attributed to Pearl Abyss

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This is a thinly veiled cloaky camping whine thread. We have a main thread for that.

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First and foremost csm members are largely a political stunt to make people think that ccp has interest in them, and while it may be true it is, its not in an meaningful way people expect.

To understand this further, lets look at the way development generally happens for things in a game like eve.

First a senior or lead designer (depending on what part of the game we are talking about its generally a senior content designer or the lead designer (the creative mind if you will).

Generally after this mock-up the UX designer / project manager(User experience designers) collect data, and give feedback on the design of the designer finding ways to improve the design by the feedback they got (usually by a collection of various types of research, of which the csm is one type).

After this research some review and improvements are generally made and its passed back through the ux/project manager and then put into post production.

When it comes to the CSM and their influence in all this process, you can be safe to know they probably make up no more then 10-20% of the decision that is made. Most of this is decided by the powers well above these positions (like the marketing team, corporate executive staff, and or investors approval, etc). Granted these values really depend on how extensive the UX designers are invested at ccp.

The position of UX designer is very broad, and has many sub-sections to it. Some do research, while others handle UI (which to be honest should be shifted into its own section) to name a few, and often the position is interchangeable with project manager (though they handle most of the over all process, then a part in it).

Hopefully that will clear up exactly what position the csm has in the process of the development cycle. It’s a notable amount, but its generally not anything more then a quarter of the over-all say.

They actually have zero deciding power. You should have known this for someone who tried to run for CSM on a campaign of getting Hilmar fired.

Everything else in your post can be summed up by a kid doing a Google search for the development process of a video game for the first time.


Nice try, CCP Explorer. I’d call you CCP Hellmar, but that’s @Merin_Ryskin.

well i hope its never discussed again, cloaking is fine as it is. end of discussion.

It’s not and you know it. Need to be able to kill campers that sit in systems for 8 months 24/7.


Why Though?

Why should campers be protected? Why should they not have the risk that a module fails or runs out of power instead of being cloaked 24/7. Downtime should not have been the only time they had to move, if even then.

if there are mods that can detect what someone has on their ship, then there should be a mod, that will allow certain ships to detect campers.

Why Shouldn’t They?

learn to read… i said why they shouldn’t… nobody in this ■■■■■■■ game should be ■■■■■■■ protected.

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Stop right there bud.

Take that kinda talk to where it belongs:

This thread is about how the CSM works, not a place to whine about a name in local.


This is their nice way of saying to stop suggesting things to them.