What kind of ingame advantages CCP provide exclusively for the CSM members?

May I please list of ingame advantages provided by CCP to CSM members other than rest of the players ?
*CSM title is not included. And it does not provide ingame advantage in game mechanics and rules . Tile is just is a simple indicator that point out player is in CSM concil. So keep this one out .

I do ask which rules and situations CSM members are favoritised over normal players who are playing the same game ?



Inside knowledge

I think inside knowledge is just a natural result of their positions nature. They are of course in communication with CCP and share their perspective about the game and community. They are not allowed to share any knowlde which can provide any advantage to themselves or some groups in game . CCP will not take this kind of behavious lightly i think.

In game, we get nothing. Hell, the fact that they show our picture in Jita is the most I’ve ever gotten in game from being on the CSM.

Out of game, we get a travel/board covered summit in Iceland, a food stipend while we’re there, and we get five year-long omega subscriptions paid for, (which is what CCP employees get).


This is soo fancy. And I think one way it is a very good idea to introduce CSM members to the community. But honestly, this doesn’t provide anything in a sense of making you over or exceptional for in-game rules which affect the way we are thriving in-game. . We can’t count that either.

I have asked in-game. Thank you for sharing these. but again. there is nothing to with being over the in-game rules, mechanics etc…

I understand you asked in game, and the answer to your question is “nothing.”

We are just players.


And how do people/community may think if CSM members have some exceptions from the minor or major rules?
How do you think and feel as a CSM member?

(You don’t have to answer this question of course because i do ask “personal opinion” I am aware and won’t be reflected others opinions. I just asked out of curiosity. )

People would go absolutely insane if we got treated differently in game. I wouldn’t support that, and I think it would cause more harm than good. There’s no real reason for us to be treated differently in the game than any other player.


If anything, having a high-profile name is a disadvantage in game.
I imagine Brisc is frequently the primary target just for being on grid.

They gain an instant win button they can use once a day. It blaps any ship, anywhere, in space or in dock.

True story, I heard it from a guy.


I am always primary.

Yep. Its why I always went after Leeroy :smiley:

In game, due to being on the CSM? Nothin.

Recognition is nice but it won’t buy a frigate. Matter of fact one might argue that some of us are actually limited due to our positions. If I look at buying a ship I have to make sure it is NOT because of discussions that are NDA’d but ‘what I would do if I knew less’. We ARE watched to make sure that we do not take advantage of our positions.



They get to be called as primary before other ships in the fleet.

Lol i know the feeling… for my case even my own fleet has been out to get me first :rofl:

So ofcourse people love to make killshot on CSM

Well that’s what you get for being such a B, hmm? :smiley:

lol - yes, I amuse myself

They should put a warning about that in the naming part of the character creator…get on that, eh?

I’m assuming this is an in game advantage.

Logi watch list + pre-lock.

You probably buy your fleet a few free kills. Although I’m sure it sucks for you.

Have you ever modified your ship fits to account for that fact, fit it for maximum survivability and play the tank role of other games with the natural aggro that your name draws in PvP?

I guess it would be fun to fly in a fleet where everyone else fits maximum damage while the enemy always attempts to shoot the one ship with high survivability first.