What kind of ingame advantages CCP provide exclusively for the CSM members?

100%. I’m always brick tanked when I know we’re going somewhere where I’m likely to die first. Sometimes I even fly a Monitor as a joke.

They call it being “Brisc tanked” and that means they usually get away.


They get to keep themselves and their friends (read: nullsec) as the priority of attention.

As opposed to 72 hours of solo controlling your hole?

Right, because everybody loves CCP’s attention.

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You are obsessed with me.

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Yes, they comment on every post I make. No, they don’t play the game. Yes, those are their real zkills when they did.

Hmmm let’s see

Lets compare in the last 5 years:
Updates to wormhole space
Updates to mission running
Updates to Faction Warfare

Updates to Nullsec

I wonder where the CSM drags all CCP’s attention?? hmmm?? Not like other parts of the game desperately need improvement or anything

Huh. Weird considering I was playing tonight? ROFL. You know uh, people can play EVE without losing or killing ships daily depending on what their doing right?

Its wild that you think it means we don’t play ROFL.

You already admitted your WH is an ISK faucet. Don’t you remember you bragging to Aiko? What more needs improving?

Oh? You’re the one that has my name in every post you make :smiley:

You owned yourself bruv :smiley:

Yup pretty hilarious how he accuses others of what actually he does (and those others don’t). I guess he expected an echo chamber when he came to the forums and now he’s utterly disappointed with people not agreeing with him (and rightfully so at that).


It honestly boggles my mind. I don’t understand what he expected to happen haha.

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Who has been pushing for updates to all of those things? Me.

If they’re not on CCP’s list of things to do, they don’t get attention, regardless of who is on the CSM. Phantomite and Torvald couldn’t get them to pay attention to FW. Exookiz couldn’t get them to pay attention to WHs.

Most of the attention that’s been paid to nullsec has been bad - nerf after nerf after nerf.

Highsec, where most players live, has gotten the bulk of the buffs and the benefits. There’s one highsec only guy on the CSM.

The make up of the CSM makes very little difference on what CCP decides to focus their attention on. The bulk of the last year’s development time has been spent on new player stuff, not veteran game play.

So, hey.

Maybe I am just that damn good.



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I vote all CSMs get an istakill button once per day.

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Hmmm. So what the hell is the purpose of CSM if you guys have no power? Aren’t you supposed to be our collective voices and take our issues to CCP?

If they don’t care what you have to say, they don’t care what we (non’CSM) have to say, whats the point?

I honestly expected better from CCP, CSM should be taken very seriously.

Wut. They do have power. Immense power. Hence the insta kill button :smiley:

I mean tho, if I was Brisc and you popped off to me like this, I’d just have to mention to CCP that maybe we should take another look at loot tables in WHs and how they are still ISK faucets :smiley:

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We’re a focus group. We have influence and we can provide feedback, but in the end, if they want to do something, they’re going to do it. We’ve been unable to convince them on scarcity, for example.

It’s not they don’t care what we say, they care, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to agree or do what we want simply because we say so.