CSM 14 - Week 5 Update

Short update on the CSM


Thanks for stepping up and undertaking the role of CSM communication/reporting in a timely manner. The Old Guard CSM members rarely informed people outside their respective alliances/corps, leaving the rest of us either in the dark (heh) or the last ones to know something was/ going to happen. Some questions:

How much communication is going on between old and new CSM members outside of scheduled meetings?
What is the general impression you are getting following your meeting with the CCP staff? Any PA staff introduced?
What is your general impression on the CSM in regards to identifying and fixing problems? General agreement or a long list of individual issues by each member?
CCP appears to be moving this winter: upsizing,downsizing and what will the move mean for EVE?

Looking forward to a full year of your reporting and discussion of issues.


CSM - dead! If such Bacchanalia is going on in the game with the connivance of “CSM” - this means they signed for their helplessness and not being needed !!! Thank you CSM for the excellent rights and wishes of the players regarding the “stupid idea: Local Comms Blackout” Thank you that you are so good and ideological … but apparently anywhere, but not here !!! here you are just “like parrots in a cage” - beautiful, crouching, chirping something, but unnecessary !!!
The developer stopped listening to the players, stopped paying attention to them - and decided to finish the game (shoot the early Deer, so that he would not rush off) !!!
There are branches of the form, the second is already open, Trolls are sitting there, and only, and all the normal utterances and ideas that are dying in the general flow of the forum, and no one, I repeat, no single answer, development! He put on the players!
Thanks to the Developer for all the hatred of the player that he shows and will show!
Thanks to CSM, for being unnecessary!

  1. There is daily communication on a wide range of issues.
  2. My initial impression is that there is a huge variety of things to improve upon and it’s a struggle to allocate resources to all of them.
  3. The CSM works as I expected, in general agreement on big issues, variety of opinions on how to solve.
  4. I don’t believe the office move will affect EVE at all.

I’m a little confused by the language issues, but it sounds like you feel the CSM speaks for CCP and not the players, and are therefore useless. Yes?


Whar would be you opinion on removing corporations ability to tax its member. As i see it it is what encourages corps to allow massive botting and protecting said bots as they get a cut of the isk. Other areas of space like high prey on newer members and dont always offer support while taking thier ISK. Organized groups will work together to keep things running and i dont think would be as negatively impacted.

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While corp taxes can certainly be abused, they are a core method to generate corp & alliance revenue to pay for things like structures and ship replacement.

As for botting, I don’t think any major group actively ‘encourages’ botting or protects them. Typically, the income is from rental agreements, not corporate taxes.

I don’t think I could advocate removing corp taxes.


Encourage isnt the word I would use, look the other way is more along the lines because they still benefit from a possible bot without having to take any risk.
As for the corp tax and ill use your words, the stronger get stronger the weaker get weaker.

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It’s good to see a newly elected CSM member communicating with the community here on the Official Eve Online Forums. I hope you continue to do this during your term on the counsel. I will definitely make it a point to check this sub-forum on a regular basis from now on.

Anyway, I read your write up’s for week 3 and week 5. Very nicely done. Currently I don’t really have any questions but later I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions for you.

Also congratulations for being elected to CSM.


just like that and nothing else !!!

Thanks for the update. I unsubbed about the time of the csm election, due to being convinced that CCP were likely not to ever attend to the LP faucet in factional warfare affecting expectations and rewards for pvp’ers coming into FW lowsec. Suitonia’s trashy post on recommending FW as an alternative for high isk per hour for those disgruntled about the local black out only reaffirms my alpha strike concerns, telling me that there really isn’t a plan on cutting away the bad and bringing citadels down a notch from being the everything anywhere thing that they are.

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Well done and I have one request at the moment.

Can you please lobby for the agenda for the Sept summit to be published (or some of it at least) to spur on feedback to take to ccp on specific topics that will be on the table?



That has been the case for years now. CCP screws up and the CSM comes forth and explains how CCP are wonderful and how the players need to give CCP the benefit of the doubt.

It is just part of CCPs problems with customer service, they have always sucked at it and have never improved. The CSM is a clear example of this, elected to be the voice of the people and ends up being the voice of the corporation.

On the bright side CCP seems to be making better decisions like the blackout and these skill giveaways, while seeming to ignore the CSM.


The skill give away is only an attempt to evaluate accurately who is still active in null during this black out and determine ratting by incentivizing it with skill points with a scaled reward system centered on regular activity. It’s a smart way to gauge who is really still around listening and willing to continue business as usual.

CCP is not stupid, but the river has been diverted slowly and now almost completely towards predictable outcomes rather and away from hostility and uncertainty. The true question is is it too late to stem the loss of those who fit the recent model, and can they possibly lure back players who were alienated as sociopathic, as seen in the crescendo of the erotica1 controversy.

I’m not defending the latter. I’m simply implying that there was a clear fork in the road in which many players saw a complete right angle in contrast to the other view. I mean, really. No one thought to look down upon the man that was more than ready to expose himself completely to humiliation and scorn – to begging! – over pixel assets and even admitting such a thing to his significant other. /s how masculine and confidence inspiring! Two extremes collided in that episode, both very purile and … God I’ll just stop there.

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Couldn’t agree more.

Look at the composition of those in the CSM - of course they’re going to be the ones that don’t want local to be gone, they’re the rat/miner empires that got in on sheer numbers of voters existing in their alliance, not because they’re actually speaking reasonably on behalf of the player base, and even worse, not because they actually want Eve to evolve for new players, they just want “their” sandpit.

The CSM is completely broken, because the voting mechanic is rigged to start with. I’d rather see Eve invest the money in other areas. The last CSM with all the Brisc garbage just proved it’s now yet another way for alliances to piss around with one another, piss around with the game and pretend they’re doing so on what actual players want ( someone with 25 ratting/mining accounts isn’t a player, it’s an addict )


The ability to say beautifully is good! But why lie to yourself?

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Concerning the motive behind the free skills, yes, it was smart. As for other things, what can I say? Why do others stay? The man pinned down who speaks against doubt is hopeful that his lies might become truth.

Since blackout, I log in, go to an asteroid belt and kill the necessary number of NPCs for the free SP and log out. I have no desire to play without Local or without a mechanic that can re-instate local through the structure system.

If i wanted that i’d go live in a wormhole where the rewards actually meet the risks of not having local available to you. The rewards in null sec weren’t increased with the blackout, so why would I take on more risk for the same reward?

Anyway, keep these coming, and please for the love of god don’t get rid of asset safety, some of us take lengthy breaks from the game and when the structures we’ve left our stuff in die, we need a system that will allow us to get our stuff back. :slight_smile:

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What rewards are in WH? The blue loot that has to be transported to k-space to sell and possibly lose in transit. The sites and anoms that dont respawn every 5 minutes. The crap moon goo no one bothers to mine in WH.
Also as for asset safety why should you be rewarded for not playing.

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