CSM 14 - Week 6 Update

Here is a CSM Update for Week 6

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.


One item I would like brought up in this new “Chaos Era” of EVE is one that has been advocated for years by a group of players, but always gets the brush off from the CSM and CCP: more randomness in mission and exploration. For years we have tried to have CCP introduce either a random mission/exploration site generator or either create or have a third party create new, highly variable missions. With the sole exception of Dred Pirate Scarlet, you know what faction you will be flying against and what ships, objectives, etc. If a variation was worked in combined with a time locked room gate (So The Player Couldn’t Peek And Adapt His Ship; Would Still Allow Others To Come Visit During His Mission), player’s ships would have to be omni tanked. This allows for more challenge and excitement. Same thing with exploration sites, where ideas of one time key fragments could be gathered and traded with others to assemble a one use item allowing access to new sites,challenges, and rewards.

If the upcomming year and a half is supposed to be full of chaos and new ideas/randomness in EVE, let’s include a part of EVE that has rarely seen meaningful change in over a decade. Granted, there are a lot of other issues that need to be addressed, but at least many of us would like to see this particular issue show up and be discussed in the September meeting minutes. CCP appears to want to break out of the development lethargy they have been undergoing during the last years; here is one issue that hasn’t just been lethargic, but almost comatose for a full decade.:sleeping:

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Not much info but still a nice write up. I’m actually a little bit concerned with the part I bolded in this quote from your Blog.

The September Summit is approaching, and it is the optimal time to hear what players want so the CSM can prepare for the meetings. The summit meeting will have the most CSM impact with CCP on the next 6 months of the game.

If there is a topic you would like the CSM or myself to bring up with CCP, please feel free to contact me. In most cases, we cannot provide any followup other than saying we did convey the information. All members of the CSM have been doing this kind of work and there have been specific instances where the idea or issue from a single player is getting attention from the Design & Development teams.

Anyway, I agree with what @Buoytender_Bob posted, exploration and missions definitely need an upgrade. Along with that I’d also like to include finish adding more Epic Arcs, specifically the Pirate Epic Arcs. Currently Blood Raiders and Serpentis are left out, all other Pirate Factions are supported in the Epic Arcs.

Also there should be some Agent missions available to repair negative Faction standings with Concord Assembly. Due to derived standings, Players who gain standing with the various Pirate Factions from regular Storyline missions have no way to repair their standing with Concord and eventually end up not being able to travel through Concord controlled high sec systems.

All other Factions have some sort of game mechanic available to have their standings raised, either with direct mission running or from derived standing gains.

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At the Sept meeting could you ask/inquire/bring up the idea for a new gas harvesting ship. Something a little better at harvesting then the venture but slower and easier to catch as well.
Other then that thank you again for keeping us up to date.


I,too, would like to see either a mini or full epic arc based on the premise of restoring good standing with CONCORD. Call it “The Redemption Road” and have a wide varity of missions, including such mundane things like hauling refugees, hacking into illegal pirate data bases, maybe donate money to public work projects, as well as the usual combat missions. If someone has been on the “wrong side” of the law, redemption should be a hard, but possible, option. Would be great if anyone has to travel The Road again to repair standings in the future, that the cost and effort is scaled up as CONCORD starts to turn a jaundiced eye toward their claim of self rehabilitation.


That’s a very good idea for mini Epic Arc, also great name ‘The Redemption Road’, I like it.

Actually I was thinking something similar to the old Tutorial Agents that offered ‘The Endless Battle’ missions. Years ago I submitted a proposal to bring those Agents back out of retirement, change their name to ‘Political Agents’ and reinstate that mission series.

I think with a little bit of rework they would be great for repairing Concord standings.

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