CSM 15 Week 4 Update

Well well well, another week and another update.

We had one special meeting, this week, at the request of Phantomite as well as the usual Friday scheduled one. CCP released two pieces of news, one about the fact that not only will there not be a San Diego meetup (that was made to replace Eve Vegas) this year but also that there are NO plans for any in person events for 2021. link In addition the put out a new bundle valled the Training Booster Bundle (link) and that DID stir up a bit of reaction among some players.

Aside from the news briefings a few Devs took some time to talk about the new Player Experience on twitch link of recorded episode There also have been several streams of the various new instanced pvp being tested out on SiSi, (No links handy, sorry)

Oh, one last thing, Y’all owe Brisc a thanks for bringing up the Red Dot almost at almost every opportunity when we are talking with the Devs.

That is it for this week. o/



Thanks Brisc.

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I remember someone saying that if good things happen we should thank Vily and if bad things happen we should blame Brisc. I don’t know if that’s true so I’ll just thank Mike instead.

@Mike_Azariah can you give us a TLDR on the NPE Twitch video :upside_down_face:?

I just want to write, Mike, and thank you for taking it upon yourself to keep this line of communication open.

People do read it, and appreciate the fact you spend your time and effort on this.



Oh some weeks I will ask one of the other CSM to take the ball and run it but the first month? I fgigured I could handle it

I will see what I can do. I may have to rewatch as I had RL stuff to attend to, that day so I did not manage to see all of it in one sitting. I am still putting together a little something something for the relevant devs about the NPE.



BTW who is this “Phantomite”? Silly goose, everyone knows there’re only two CSMs :blush:


Thanks for the info!

And thank you Brisc!

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Any chance of finding out an ETA for fixing the various bugs currently plaguing the Market Interface?

Buy / Sell orders for some items are not being listed in the Market Interface even though players are spending ISK to place those orders.

Women’s ‘Farsight’ Augmented Spectacles
(currently no Market listing in-game yet 3rd party Market sites show active Buy / Sell orders for that item)

Other items are listed in the wrong Market category which adversely affects Buy / Sell orders for those items, basically players won’t see the item listing when browsing the Market.

Women’s Sisters Of Eve Advanced Combat Suit
(currently listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Women’s Capsuleer Day XVII T-Shirt
(currently listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Tops)

There’s probably a few other Market related bugs as well but these have been active in-game for months now, various Bug Reports have been submitted as well as posted in ‘Known Issues’ Feedback threads multiple times now with no response from CCP.

Can you get me the bug report numbers you’ve filed and I’ll see if I can get some attention on this.

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On 04-05-2020, I submitted Bug Report EBR-194611 about the Market Sell / Buy orders not showing.

On 04-19-2020, I also submitted a Support Ticket about the same issue.

On 04-24-2020 a GM replied to the Support Ticket with this statement in the message:

It’s possible that this issue is caused by old cache files on your hard drive. You can force the client to update your cache files by clearing your current cache files. To clear your cache files please follow the steps below:

I had already cleared the cache files in Esc menu and also verified all downloaded files in Shared Cache of the Launcher multiple times before and after submitting the initial Bug Report.

On 04-27-2020 a different GM replied to the Support Ticket with this statement in the message:

There is a known issue with this item in the market. Our QA team has been informed and is working to solve this issue, although there is no estimated time of arrival for this fix. When it is launched, players will be notified through the Patch Notes.

I can only suggest to file another bug report for this issue and hopefully this can be fixed soon by the developers.

I then started posting the bug in the ‘Known Issues’ Feedback threads and to this day still haven’t received any indication of it being acknowledged.

The initial Bug Report was only about the Market not showing the item with it’s Buy / Sell orders. At that time I didn’t notice the other bugs so there’s no mention about the other Apparel items being listed in the wrong category.

All the bugs that I’ve posted in this thread have also been posted in the most recent ‘Known Issues’ Feedback thread.

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Alrighty, I passed it on and they’ve confirmed they’ve got an internal ticket about it.


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